7 Hints on Making Your Home Kid-Friendly

Even when we are at home, we always make sure that our kids are safe and secure. That is why we have to make our homes kid-friendly. Today, we have a guest post which will give us tips on how to do just that in our homes.

Making Your Home Kid-Friendly

Unlike previous generations, today’s mothers see everything as potential hazard to their child, and that is why your home needs redecoration if you plan on having children. By doing this, you will provide a warm welcome for your child and keep everyone safe.

Use indestructible materials

Your walls must be firm so they would not fall apart easily because your children will certainly bang on them. Also, consider using wipeable paint so you could clean all the sticky fingerprints. Your windows cannot be covered with long drapes; instead you need washable wooden blinds to avoid any danger. As far as floors and doors are concerned, they have to be durable and water-friendly because there is going to be a lot of cleaning.

Think about the house hygiene

Cleaning your house with chemicals has to end now. Vapours from cleaning products are dangerous for children and you. It is time to start using domestic steam cleaners which minimize the usage of hazardous chemicals and are perfect for getting rid of the dust and mites. Additionally, these will save your time, because you can clean everything with only one device and you will have more room in closets.

Think about the house hygiene

Child-proof the kitchen

Make sure to install the childproof latches on all the drawers and cabinets so the kitchen would not be a minefield. Do not forget about the lock on the dishwasher and stove. Also, you can consider redecorating and buy cabinets and appliances that are higher than your old ones. This way, everything will be out of child’s reach, and the knobs and edges will be far from the ground.

Redecorate your living room

Your living room you should not have any heavy furniture like bookcases and dressers. All devices should be far from the edge of furniture and always put heavier objects on the bottom shelves and drawers. To make your living room kid-friendly you can reserve one area just for them. Set up a small bookcase with all their favourite books and toys, set up a small colourful armchair or teepee and provide them with their personal corner for reading and playing.

Child-proof home

Use colours, patterns and textures

You can forget about silk drapes and white couches. Instead of that, you should probably think about some smart choices. Vibrant colours, patterns and touchable textures will camouflage any stains, spills and fingerprints. Replace your bright thin rugs with darker thicker ones so you do not have to worry about any stains. Your walls should be darker as well as your furniture. As soon as your loved ones spill something you will be glad you were not afraid of colours and textures.

Ensure the storage areas

To avoid any mess and cluster you need to have prepared storage areas. Decorative baskets and boxes on the shelves and in empty corners could be a nice new design and additional storage. Chose tables with drawers or additional shelves and for storing toys and books choose antique cedar chest. All of these small storage areas should be at your child’s reach so they can learn to put away their toys.

Ensure the storage areas

How safe is your backyard?

There should be no obstacles and distracting objects in your yard. Make sure to always keep it clean, the stairs and paths should always be well lit and all the dangerous tools should be safely stored. Also, make sure that swings and playing areas are free of any rust, nails or glass. To make things safer, you can prepare a separate area for playing where you can lay blankets and cushions and redecorate your yard a bit.

Redecorate your home to be more kid-friendly using these few hints and the whole family will feel safer and happier.

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