Guest Post: Seven Tips to Help You Develop a Great Relationship with Your Nanny

Today, we have a guest post from sweet Sally who will be giving us some tips about how moms or parents can have a good relationship with their nanny. Of course, that is important because we consider them as part of the family and we have to make them feel special so that they will also give their utmost love to our kids. Here is the advice Sally can give us:

Once you find a babysitter or nanny that fits your needs perfectly, you must then develop a great relationship to help the babysitter take care of your children in a stress-free manner. If the relationship is not a comfortable one, the nanny will always be on edge, and the kids will feel this tension. Developing a close bond with your nanny will not be difficult if you keep our seven tips in mind that we offer you in the following info.

Tips to Help You Develop a Great Relationship with Your Nanny

1. Explain your expectations in detail when you hire a nanny. Nannying is a challenging job when the parents do not clearly define the duties of the nanny. Help make the job less confusing for the babysitter by letting him or her know exactly what his or her job duties will be each day. You should even mark the calendar with all the children's activities to help the nanny deliver them to their necessary destinations on time.

2. Pay a fair wage that is in accordance with your expectations. If your job duties for the nanny include extra tasks above those typically performed by nannies, you may need to up the wage a bit to cover the additional expectations. Consult with the nanny agency to learn more about the average nanny wages in your location.

3. Treat your nanny with respect in front of your children. Only disagree with the babysitter in private, or your children may disrespect him or her. This will make the nanny's job almost impossible to perform daily.

4. Care about your nanny's health and well being. Ensure that your babysitter has sufficient days off throughout the year to tend to such important personal details as medical and dental appointments along with rest and relaxation.

5. Discuss discipline methods with your babysitter. This is to ensure that you both are on the same page. Both of you need to support the other's efforts for the sake of the children.

6. When issues occur, sit down and calmly talk them over with the babysitter. Stay professional and do not just blow up over the problems. You will not solve issues effectively in this manner and the nanny may just quit, which will result in you needing to find a trustworthy nanny once again.

7. Express your gratitude for your nanny's excellent service verbally and with bonuses. The bonuses can be monetary or gifts such as a trip to the day spa for some personal pampering. In addition, include your nanny in special trips with the family. If you are going to Disney World, taking a cruise or enjoying another pleasurable activity, ask her or him to come along with you and your family, but make sure that he or she has free time to enjoy the trip on his or her own without the responsibility of the children. Of course, your nanny should receive regular wages during this time.

Follow these seven tips to form a strong bond with your nanny. Remember, this is important not only for your babysitter but also for your children. When you form a great relationship with the person who will help care for your children, you will retain that nanny for many years. This provides stability for your kids. If you do not yet have a qualified person to care for your children, nanny agencies will provide nannies on demand upon your request.

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This post is written by Sally is a working woman and a mother of 2 kids (currently 10 and 8), living in a suburb of Brisbane. As mom, she learn so much about providing healthier and happier lifestyle for her kids. You can find more of her articles being featured on

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