How to Find Love: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Are you still looking for your perfect match? Well, I have found mine. So, if you haven't found the perfect date and the right person to spend the rest of your life with, here are some tips for you.

How to Find Your Love

St. Valentine’s Day is another reason for couples to express their love and receive it. However, those who have just separated and nearly lost chance to find the love of their lives, will not enjoy this holiday that much. Needless to say that everything around us including men with flowers, romantic melodramas on TV and hearty gifts on the 14th of February reminds them of their loneliness or unlucky romantic experience. On the other hand, Valentine’s Day can be treated as the day on which New Year of Love begins. And here is a list of Love’s New Year resolutions helping you to find your soul mate and become happier than you were last year.

how to find love

1. Enjoy life!

This is a quite general advice. Indeed, it is difficult to follow it. Loneliness is not a visitation, and a status of relationships is by no means your identity. Having no partner gives plenty of time to spend on your favorite hobbies, to try something new, to extend your boundaries and discover yourself. The world around is so captivating. Once you focus on our amazing beautiful world or the things you love to do, you’ll start enjoying life attracting the right person according to the Law of Attraction saying that like attracts like.

2. Planning

Finding love is a project of your life requiring a strategic approach. Think over a type of a partner you want to meet. What are qualities you appreciate the most? What are his or her interests? By answering these questions you’ll be clear with your expectations. The next stage is defining where you can meet such person. Think whether you need to change places where you usually hang out and do not neglect dating sites where you can find a man or woman sharing your interests and hobbies.

3. Be social

The logic is simple. The more connections you have, the greater is the opportunity to meet the person you are searching for. It is not infrequent that people who experienced divorce or difficult separation keep clear of possible relationships and, in particular, possible partners. They stay home all the time, get depressed and stick to this way of life thereby reducing their chances to meet a good partner.
Leave past in the past

finding love

The question starting with ‘Why?’ is very sticking and usually has no answers as regards to previous relationships. Why did he or she cheat on me? Why did everything go wrong so suddenly? Why did not he marry me? Why did it happen to me? Such kind of never-ending analysis taking place in your mind will have no positive effect and hold you back. In case you were hurt, forgive your ex and try to keep on living with hope to be happy with another man or woman. Trust me it is possible!

You can enlarge your list with other resolutions and with peace in mind congratulate those who do love you and you love them. I mean your parents, children, and friends. That will be a good start to the New Year of Love.


  1. Or just let destiny finds your the one! He He He! 4 yrs ago I was so tired of finding that person but it is true that you don't need to find it. I ended up with a long time neighbor and kababata. It is also great if you build the relationship first from being friends. :)

  2. Love will make a way.. it comes at the right time and i believe that trusting God especially in matters of the heart is sure win! :)

  3. A really nice composition. I'm lucky to found my true love.

  4. Number one says it all. Enjoy life and don't let the matters of the heart bring you down (though for the young ones, i think that's easier said than done)

  5. Love does come unexpectedly and that's why I agree to number 1 the most! Just enjoy life and don't make finding love a burden :)

  6. I agree with Mommy QueenElizabeth. Love is a blessing. You have to pray for it and be deserving to find the perfect partner.

  7. Wow! i like your list. They're realistic and true. Im sure many women/men will benefit this. So timely.

  8. In our house, we always act, talk and think with this in mind - "Do things that move you to love" and everything seems easy. Wishing your MOnday be full of love. :)

  9. I've never really given finding love much thought even way back when I was a teen lol...

  10. Hmm.. I have to show this post to my sis. She really needs to find love..LOL!

  11. Yay! Awesome tip: dating sites! Must try for singles! :)