How Parents Can Control Kid's Internet Use [Infographic]

Most parents worry about the influence of the Internet on their children. An outright ban isn’t possible, of course, as the Internet is both educational as well as distracting.

New research, however, has found that compulsive Internet use can lower children’s performance in the classroom. A new study of 3000 parents by Stop Procrastinating, the website blocker, has found parents didn’t realize their children were browsing the Internet or using social media late at night when they should be sleeping.

How Parents Can Control Kid's Internet Use

The parents found that their children were more irritable, had less concentration and were more tired in the classroom as a result.

Fortunately, the study found the best techniques and strategies the parents used to reduce the negative impacts of social media and the Internet on their children.

Parents suggested building up a trusting relationship with their children, so that they were able to have open conversations about the Internet without stress and confrontation, as well as setting boundaries. For instance, stopping children using digital devices an hour before they go to bed. Some parents also tried to make cutting down on internet use an enjoyable and fun challenge that their children could share and compete with their friends by creating a digital detox challenge week.

The survey also found that parents are more successful at cutting their children’s internet use if they work with other parents and the school. If all a group of friends are all treated in the same way they will feel less pressure to break the rules and get online when they shouldn’t.

The survey has been designed into an accessible infographic which details all the findings and help for parents who want to control and reduce their children’s internet use. You can view the infographic below:

parental controls

Courtesy of: Stop Procrastinating

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