15+ Kids Disney Princess Party Essentials and Ideas

We couldn't blame our little girls for having that desire to be a princess like Cinderella or Ariel or Belle because we've been through that stage when we were little, right?


Aside from the beautiful ball gowns of the Disney Princesses, they all look pretty and there is an awesome story behind all of them. Up to this day, there are lessons that we can get from their stories and new short stories can also be read from Disney magazines.

Because of our girls' fondness to Disney Princesses, it will surely be one of their favorite party themes. So, whether you are doing a birthday party or just any party, you can get some party essentials with this theme to make your work a lot easier. For sure, you will be able to give your little princess the royal treatment with a Disney Princess Themed Party!

1. Disney Princess Party Decoration Kit

Disney Princess Party Decoration Kit

Get different kinds of decors from this pack which includes a flag banner, 2 mini honeycomb decors and 4 hanging swirl decors. This will surely add an exciting vibe to your party.

2. Disney Sparkle Princess Birthday Celebration Party Table Decorating Kit

Disney Sparkle Princess Birthday Celebration Party Table Decorating Kit

No one wants to have a boring party table! So add these lovely princess as a centerpiece.

3. Disney Princess 7 in Square Plate

Disney Princess 7 in Square Plate
The party won't be complete without a plate with our fave Disney princesses on it. So, get this and pair it with other party items as well.

4.Disney Princess 9oz Paper Party Cups
Disney Princess 9oz Paper Party Cups
Since you already have a plate, grab some party cups too wherein different Disney princesses are printed all around it. And of course, it comes with a nice pink background.

5. Disney Princess Dream Party - Party Favor Value Pack
Disney Princess Dream Party

Seems like this one has everything you need from flavor bags to wands! If you want a complete set, you can try this.

6.Disney Very Important Princess Dream Party Backdrop & Props Kit

Disney Princess Dream Party Backdrop
Your party will not be complete without a backdrop for your kid's selfies and groupies! And aside from the backdrop, which will make it appear like the princess are also in the party, it also comes with some props that they can use for their photos.

7. Disney Princess Royal Event Decorating Kit
Disney Princess Royal Event Decorating Kit

Want more decors? Here are some lovely ones you can add from mosaic glass like decors and some other fun and nice stuffs you can hang.

8. Disney Princess Lunch Napkins

Disney Princess Lunch Napkins
And oh, you can also use napkins with Disney princess prints as well. It would look really nice to have this while you are eating in royal way!

9. Disney Princess Complete Birthday Favor Pack Kit

Disney Princess Complete Birthday Favor Pack Kit
This one will be the sure hit for the party as every guest goes home with one party favor, of course, it also has Disney princesses themed items in it.

10. Disney Princess Photo Booth Props, 8pc

Disney Princess Photo Booth Props

Another backdrop that you can use for the party complete with props of the princesses' hairs. I'm sure you would love to pretend to be Cinderella or Belle.

11. Disney Princess Paradise Reusable Party Favor Goodie Small Gift Bags

Disney Princess Paradise Reusable Party Favor Goodie Small Gift Bags
Aside from the favors, you can also buy more princess themed items and put them inside this lovely bag! I really like these gift bags!

12. Disney Princess Royal Event Chandelier

Disney Princess Royal Event Chandelier

Why not level up your decor with a pink fancy chandelier like this? You have a bonus with images of the Disney Princesses on it. You can add this above your buffet table.

13. Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game
A party won't be complete without games and this one will add to the fun. Let the kids mix, match and make cupcakes for a Disney Princess cupcake game. Sounds exciting!

14. Disney Princess Balloon Set

Disney Princess Balloon Set

Add some pretty balloons for your party too. Not just the ones with various colors but also those with princess prints. How lovely!

15. Disney Princess Birthday Tiara
Disney Princess Birthday Tiara
And of course, to complete the princess look of your little ones, let them wear these tiaras. Perfect for the celebrant.

Since you already know what supplies to get for the party, why don't we take a look at some parties that used some of the items above? Here are some ideas below.

Hostess with the Mostess

This is a colorful princess party. Yes, you can do away with the usual pink colors and add more colors to your decors. Then of course, use the party essentials I have listed above to complete the look. What I love here are the wall decors and the letters. Such great ideas for a DIY!

Catch my Party

Now this one really has that Princess appeal with pastel colors. Love that skirting around the table and the golden cupcake and cake holders. The table is not crowded with food and party stuff but it does look really nice.

Hostess with the Mostess

What to combine your kid's fancy for sparkles and Disney Princesses? Why not try this one! If you get to see the details of this outdoor party, you will surely love it. This doesn't need to be a birthday. You can throw a party anytime you want just to bring your kid's friends together.

A Shade of Teal

An easy and budget DIY Disney Princess party using some of the items we have listed above. See? If you put them all together, it looks really nice!

Catch my Party

Love that banner and the tutu table skirt! I wonder how many meters of tulle were used to make this one. But this is pretty easy and would give your table that totally princess look!

Disney Princess Party Essentials and Ideas

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I hope you got some ideas from this post and have a great Disney Princess themed party for your little loves! Come back for more ideas on our future posts.



  1. These are all awesome ideas to get started on planning my little angel's birthday party this May! I think that another great idea for a disney princess party is to use 3 of our kid's fave princess and use their color scheme for the party itself along with the props you suggested above (like if they love mulan, merida and ariel, we can add in hues of green and reds aside from the usual pinks :) )

  2. I think nothing can go wrong with any Disney Princess. They're all lovable.

  3. When my niece turned one, we also have a Princess Theme Party because she wants to wear a gown! I think every little girl really dreams of becoming a princess!

  4. How I wish I have a daughter, these are all so cute and lovely party ideas. The chandelier is so pretty.

  5. Awesome ideas for girls!!! =) Girls always love to be princesses. =)

  6. Ohhh. An all time favorite of all the girls in the world <3

    Ming || www.theurbancat.com

  7. this is so adorable and the set ups are so cute! def every little girls dream come true party :)

  8. Soo nice :) I love a Disney-themed party :)

  9. I love it! My daughter love Disney Princess. Will take note of this for her 4th birthday!

  10. This is perfect for my niece's birthday! She loves being treated as a princess. Can't wait to see her reaction if we get a theme like this :)

  11. I so love the Disney Princess theme. Its just that I do not have any girl :(

  12. Everything's all set for a princess-themed party! Oh, I wish I have a daughter!

  13. We had a lot of last minute decorations to add, and the staff was eager and willing to help. The food was amazing. They have extremely unique and tasty food. Also this Chicago event space has great views and beautiful big rooms.

  14. Everything looks so cute and amazing! I adore Disney... there is some magic in it.