5 Reasons for Being Disorganized and How to Change That

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Organizing can be a really bothersome task, unless of course you happen to be one of those people who really like a place for everything and everything in its place. Anyone who happens to struggle with the issue is probably aware that staying organized over long periods of time can be a real challenge. 

Clutter is not only pretty unpleasant to behold, but it is also something that closely reflects our mental state and what we do with our lives at any given moment. Staying organized will take discipline and persistence or else you will be facing a truly chaotic situation. 

reasons for being disorganized

There is no storage solution that will be universal, so you will need to consider different solutions to the problem if you want to avoid the worst of it. You will need to get down to brass tacks and figure out the underlying cause for all of this by addressing and solving it:

 Disorganization as a habit

If this is the case, then your disorganized state will be a bad habit you may have developed as time goes by. When it comes to habitual disorganization manifesting then that is a behavior that could be categorized in different ways: stacking, piling, stashing, hiding and so much more. 

If you happen to suffer from this then you will need to understand how it becomes a part of your daily habits. The real issue in most cases is that it becomes a part of our personality and we stay disorganized for the rest of our lives if we don’t do something about it. You’re the only one who can make a difference, so do that now and not later. End procrastination and get to work on house clearance and decluttering today.

• Setting up a system

There is no denying that it requires discipline to stay organized, but you cannot do that without forming a habit. Doing that will require you to prepare for it well ahead of time with a good system of organizing, such as getting used to working on a room by room basis for organizing purposes. 

disorganized tips

Start small and work your way from there, setting up different groups of items meant for different purposes. A good example of that would be one pile where you place items meant for donations during decluttering, one for selling purposes and one for items you will actually keep. This phase is extremely important, as it will let you make the job easier further down the line as time goes by.

 Working with professional clearance companies

This should let you handle everything in a really unique way, as they will give you the edge you need to make your organizing easier, especially if you plan on this as something you want to do every year. Get around to it, scout the market for potential clearance companies and see which one has the best track record out there to make your organizing efforts easier than ever.

Now that you know the reasons for being disorganized and you were also given certain solutions, I hope that you will be able to find the answer of how to do away with clutter and I also hope that your chores and other activities will be more successful because of being organized.

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  1. I think one reason for habitual disorganization is that the person is not accountable to anyone and can be lazy, until it became what it is, a habit. :)

  2. Organizing and decluttering! I love to do both. I feel like my mind is in a chaos when I see clutter or items disorganized. I suffer from OCD so that might be why. A feel a sense of relief when I can throw things away, make space, give away old items and clothes that I no longer need. I have seem some shows about people who are disorganized, and this habit grows so much that they become hoarders. As you said, it is best to start small and work your way from there.

  3. I think being organized is really good, but not always so easy. I like to have my house clean and proper but I'm not obsessed. There are more important things in life. Sometimes you just have to let it be. A company to help out, is then maybe a good idea!

  4. Great tips, organization is something we should all work on. Planning also. We will be more productive when we organize and plan.

  5. I love these photos !!! Organizing , omg . That is something else with me . I love my house tidy and cozy , but organizing and decluttering is a big issue for me . I have got sooooo much stuff which has got an sentimental value , and I just can't get rid of these things. I don't need these items , they are only there to catch dust and get dusted , but it would break my heart to throw them away . And it piles up with the years . I think , my only final solution would be moving :) that is the only occasion I can go through and start selecting . Some of these items are so ugly aswell , but they remind me of people or special occasions .

  6. My brain hates too much order, it loses its creative juice because the environment seems to be boring. My work area may look like a mess in someone else's eye, but it's perfectly organize to me, because I know where to get my stuff.

    Wifey is too neat, unfortunately, when she touches my things and keeps it, both of us will have a hard time locating it.

  7. I never thought about disorganization as a habit. That is really interesting and true I think. Sometimes it just takes the smallest effort to be able to get organized and that is what we need to strive for. I like the idea of just starting small and working through it until it is done!

  8. Organization needs a personal orientation. If you try to follow how other become successfully organised, it might not work for you and might lead to more unorganised set up. Better know what you are up to and from then, you can slowy learn which way best fits for you.

  9. Ack! I needed this post! I'm guilty of being a pack rat and a stasher. Although I have to admit, getting married and having to take care of my own house have improved my organization habits a little bit. I still need to improve a lot though, so thanks for sharing. :)

  10. I adored reading through this article! I think setting time aside to make a system is the most relevant. When you establish the guidelines and a habit; everything else follows! :)

  11. I admit I'm not very organized. I can be lazy when it comes to household chores. Reading what you said about clutter being a reflection of mental state, I remember that an energy healer I met also told me the same thing. That is, when you're living on a room with too much clutter it also hinders your ability to make decisions and focus. So I ideally every houseroom should really be kept maintained and in order.

  12. Gosh! I am very disorganized, and I always try to rationalize that it is because I am a 'right-brained', creative individual. Haha! It is a practical excuse, but as a professional I should learn to be more organized to keep my affairs and meetings in place.

  13. I am the most disorganized person ever. My Mom constantly complains about it. I will surely work on these tips. Hope I get a lil better.

  14. I am on the disorganized side but I do get fed up with it. And when I do, I start fixing and organizing until I'm happy. Give it a few weeks though and the mess is back. Rinse and repeat. Lol! I am a Virgo though and Virgos are touted to be organized and meticulous so I am trying to live up to it.

  15. I guess I'm in the middle of being organized and disorganized. I tend to organize my things as a stress reliever and disorganize them when I need to use them yet after using those, I return them to where it was. These tips will sure help me to be better in organizing!

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