6 Ways to Revamp Your Space with Texture

Do you ever feel like your home needs a change? Nothing major, but it’s just starting to seem a little boring to you? Over time, we can get so used to our furniture and surroundings in our homes because we are around them constantly. 

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It doesn’t take a full remodel to change the feel of a room or an entire house. Sometimes you just need a little extra something. Adding texture to a room can make all of the difference. Texture adds a different dimension that instantly grabs your attention. Here are our top 6 ways to revamp your space with texture.

1) Start with the Textiles

Start with the Textiles
Image Credit: courtneyalexanderdesign.com

The easiest way to add texture to a room is by adding some fun, funky, colorful or patterned textiles. The best thing about textiles is that you can use as much or as little as you want. Spice up the room with a couple of loud pillows to off set the neutral colors. If you’re really brave, cover an entire couch in that crazy textile you fell in love with. Whatever it is you choose, textiles are sure to set your room apart.

2) Wallpaper Frenzy

Wallpaper Frenzy
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Who said that texture has to actually be textured? That’s right, one of the easiest way to add texture is to add some colorful paint or beautiful wallpaper. You can do this to every wall in the room or just have a statement wall. The wallpaper will create the same outcome- but in 2D

3) Sauve Seating

Sauve Seating
Image Credit: http://simplifycreateinspire.com/

Changing up the look of your seating can go a long way. Seating is important. Most of the time, your seating tends to be the very focal point of the room. Today, we have so many different options to make your seating look unique and textured. You can add tufting, nail head detail, or even add a contrasting color trim.

4) Elaborate Rugs

Elaborate Rugs
Image Credit: http://annabode.com/

An absolutely great way to add some texture to a space is with a large area rug. Whether you choose the rug to be vibrant, cozy, or simple and understated, it will make a difference. Add a neutral rug to go along with the furniture you already have or pick a colorful rug and design your room around it. Our personal favorite spot to go to for beautiful textured rugs is LuxeDecor. We’re sure you’ll love their rugs as much as we do!

5) Hanging in the Valance

Hanging in the Valance
Image Credit: www.bloglovin.com

In our opinion drapery has become a sort of lost art. However, adding draperies to a room can alter the entire feel of the space. Using an upbeat, coordinating drape can connect the room or you can choose to use a neutral, complimentary fabric. Whatever you decided, draperies definitely can add an element of texture.

6) Throw On Those Accents
Throw On Those Accents
Image Credit: www.nordstromrack.com

Last, but definitely not least, accents are the easiest and most affordable way to add texture. By just adding a throw, some candles, maybe even some greenery, you have added layer to your room. Accents are also the easiest element to change. Maybe have some fur throws during the winter and bring out some fresh greens for the summer. Make sure to use any of your favorite accents to create textured touches around your home.

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  1. I have wanted to add some ooph to my house and this is the perfect way to do it. It is amazing how adding some texture to the room that it will completely pop and change up the drabness. I really liked those drapes and pillows - perfect!

  2. You have to be stay at home to maintain that. Because I do not like to clean up so much, and it's not like I have all the time in the world, I elected to go for minimalist and simply, I got used to my surroundings. :)

  3. This is something I plan on doing seamlessly when I move out next year and I can come back to this post to remember how and get inspiration! Thank you!

  4. Adding textures makes quite a difference in a room indeed. I don't have my own home yet but when I finally do I will make sure that I will use any of the elements that you recommended her to make my home beautiful.

  5. I enjoy reading your home style tips. They are practical and doable. A little imagination is needed though to achieve the full effect. I have something to do now this afternoon - look for some accents and clean those rugs to little our place. thanks

  6. These are all great home styling tips! but I think for homes that have a couple of 2 year olds like mine, the drapery and accents like vase or a tasseled blanket in the sofa may not be ideal because it'll just give me cause for headache once they start playing in the room and breaking things. Textiles and wallpapers I could do, so thanks for the suggestion! :)

  7. I will move in a new flat in the next months and these are awesome ideas to apply. I love most the 4th and 5th ways! ;)

  8. Really inspiring as we are going to move soon. So I could use some help decorating! I don't know all the trends in the houses, but this is really cool for sure. I love the wallpaper too!

  9. Love those ideas, they're so creative. From time to time you just become bored with your place and you need something to make it fresh. #6 is my favorite, it's cheap yet very effective!

  10. Really inspiring post, we are slowly redecorating our living room and bedroom. I'm looking to do accent walls in both rooms as I love the way it looks and your post has given me a few more ideas to add interesting touches to it!