An Open Letter to Anyone Who Suffers Depression

Dear Beautiful Soul,

Look at the heavens above and see how blessed you are to be given this chance to see the vast blue sky that unites all the people in the world. Breathe in the fresh air while closing your eyes and realize how blessed you are to be alive. Open your eyes and closely watch God's wonders around you from the towering trees to the little birds seeking sanctuary in it.


You are blessed. You are never worthless. You are lucky. You are never unfortunate. God did not create unfortunate people or worthless people. Each and every one of us is a UNIQUE creation. We have skills, talents and capabilities that differ us from the billions of people around the globe.

You are special. You have something huge to contribute to other people's happiness and even to the betterment of the society. No matter how small a deed is. No matter how small your actions are, it will always matter and it will always make a huge impact.

You are valued. You are loved. You have a family that cares for you and friends who will be there for you. Do not tell yourself that you are alone because you are not. Look around you. All of these people can be your friends. If you do not have a dozen friends, who cares? All you need is one true friend who will stay with you through ups and downs. So what if others have thousands of Facebook friends and you only have a few hundreds? Did you ever think how many of those friends are real and how many of them are merely trolling?

You are not boring. You have a colorful life. Watch interesting movies. Read inspiring books. Paint. Draw. Write a poem. Plant a tree. Make a garden. Create something useful and helpful. You don't need to be Albert Einstein or Picasso in order to express yourself. You just have to be you.

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Yes, you have to be YOU. Just be real and everything will be okay. Don't worry if other's are not happy about you or on what you say. Remember that you cannot please everyone and everyone doesn't matter. What matters is you are being real and that you are not breaking any of God's golden rules. Yes, it is God's standards and not people's standards that matters the most. And that is the only thing you have to worry about because as long as you live with those standards, you will be a gem in the eyes of God and for other people.

Live a life for your parents and your family. LIVE AS A HOPE because that is the reason why you are born into this world. You were not conceived to be worthless or to be nothing. Each of us has a purpose to live. For you, your primary purpose is to serve God and to help your family. If ONLY you can focus on the blessings, you will see how God is helping you and you will be able to walk a better path.....and not that rocky path you are trekking now.

If you feel that you do not have hope and a chance to live a better life, you are wrong. You still have the chance to take a detour and walk on a smooth pavement. Life is a matter of choice. If ONLY you will chose a better life, you CAN achieve it. And as you achieve that, bring along your family. Bring along the people you love. And do not ever forget to praise and thank God because he made everything possible.

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We are all born here on Earth to inspire others and to spread love. Not to destroy or hurt the people we love. Not to be so negative or malicious. Not to live a life full of stress and worries. Because in truth, life is good, if we choose to live life the good way.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that we are here to "grow into a mountain and not to shrink to a grain of sand." If you let depression defeat you, you will be a grain of sand. But please don't be, because there is a mountain inside of you. Let it grow. Let it grow!

So Live. Laugh. Love. Because there are so many reasons to live.


  1. Depression is really a hard thing to overcome. Clinical depression, take medicine. Other than that, it really is the mindset of a person. Here, for someone who tends to think in terms of negative, it's VERY difficult. Positivity and what you are proposing is a good start.


  2. Thanks for sharing this. There was a time last year when I found myself depressed, those few weeks were terrible. I hope people who suffer depression can find this post, it's something that could have helped me, I only wish more people can see it and be helped by it in the future.

  3. At some point in our lives, we suffer depression in varying degrees of severity. The words you have written here may be simple but these mean a lot to a person who is silently crying or may need a little boost to uplift himself.

  4. Ahh, we all have these moments--when it seems like nothing is really going our way and no one understands us. Depression happens when we feel we are insignificant and no one cares. It is indeed difficult to overcome--but I hope other people will be more educated about depression and not bully depressed people further, but instead offer a helping hand to those in need.

  5. Shared this on my G+ account. I pray and hope that those who needs to hear this will read this. Depression is a tough battle to fight alone. We need to be sensitive enough to know who among our friends are experiencing such battles.

  6. I think there are times when everyone needs to hear these words to remember their value. Depression is so serious and can cause people to really distort their world and how they view themselves. Imagine if every person read this post every day and took the words to heart.

  7. Depression is really hard to battle. I nearly underwent one after my pregnancy. Good thing I had a really strong support system back then. My family and friends gave me the support I needed so I was able to bounce back up.

  8. Depression is such a sensitive topic bec. society would not want to consider this as health issue that needs serious if not immediate medical attention.

    Of course, aside from the medical intervention, the mindset of the person matters..

  9. Short and Sweet post! Depression can be healed if one accepts that he/she is depressed. Your words encourage one to be bold and open!

  10. Before, I was depressed I imagining my self doing bad things. I hate to say but I feel bad and I wanted to stop it immediately. It is hardly to battle but we can do this.

  11. I will share this on my facebook wall. A lot of people should read this. This will help people with depression feel their importance.

    Aika |

  12. I love this line- there is a mountain inside of you- let it grow. I've been battling a lot of insecurities lately, so this hits a chord. The thing with depression though, is that sometimes it's not a matter of just changing your mindset, I've talked to a lot of friends, clients suffering from depression and they know that they have so much to be thankful for- there's just an overwhelming feeling inside them that makes them feel hopeless. Nevertheless, the patience, encouragement and support of kind hearted people are always welcome. :) I really appreciate this post, thank you!

  13. This is a great post. I strongly believe in talking about depression openly. I think that alone, will help people reach out to others for help and fight their battle with depression. Its not easy.