Bamboo Moby Baby Wrap Giveaway

Bamboo Moby Baby Wrap Giveaway


Moby is a leader in the baby wearing community. With their soft and easy to use wraps they are many parents first experience with baby wearing. While the length of the wrap can be intimidating when first looked at, its really not that complicated. Check out the very easy tutorials on YouTube and you will be confident in a flash. To read more about the benefits of baby wearing (according to an occupational therapist) click here.

If you have not tried to baby wear yet and are intimated by trying alone MamatheFox would suggest reaching out to your local BWI (Baby Wearing International) group. Most major (and some smaller) cities have a group of baby wearing pros who meet up on a weekly or monthly basis. You can go and talk to real baby wearing parents and they can teach you in person how to properly wear your child. You can typically borrow carriers too before you buy, making the process fun and easy.

Click here to read more about the new Bamboo Moby Wrap

Newborn Hug Hold in a Bamboo Moby Wrap

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Bamboo Moby Wrap

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  1. Gosh, I wish I had known this a decade ago. I used to carry my babies and truth is, I actually loved and cherished every moment I did. Still, my babies were kinda big and after a period of time, cause muscle pain on my arms, and my lower back.

  2. I just love wearing my baby. And I believe he loves it too as he would cry when I put him in his bed. Mine is an SSC so its kinda bulky. Wraps are so handy and you could always shoot it inside your bag if not needed. Wouldnt join na lang so as to give chance to others. Hope the winner would find the wrap useful and beneficial.

  3. This is a very cute and snug baby wrap. I love this. I like anything that will keep both mama and baby comfortable. Your baby looks so cute and happy with it. I love to cuddle and snuggle with my baby, he is almost a year old now, so I have to capture the snuggle time as much as I can