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Independent Travelling Tips With Kids

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Tired of all the year-round stress and work? Want to take a break and see the world in a different perspective? The best way to do that is through independent travelling. This will surely give you an experience that you will never forget.

Independent Travelling Tips

When we say independent travelling, it means that you plan everything by yourself from the dates to the hotels and as well as to the activities you will do in the areas. You don't pay for a travel agency. You look for places to visit and you follow your own schedule. 

I haven't tried travelling with a travel agency because I prefer independent travelling. I don't want to be dragged on schedules and I am choosy on places to visit. Also, it is more satisfying on my part to plan my own trip.

But if it is your first time to do this, make sure that you will look into this three important tips that we will share below so that your first independent travel will be successful and full of fun.

1. Choose a destination. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to choose a place to visit. If there is a certain destination that you want to see, check this out and try to list down which tourist spots you want to go when you arrive there. But don't just stick to one destination. Try to consider other places too so you can choose the best place to visit. 

2. Plan your trip based on your budget. You don't have to spend all your savings for a trip. So, allocate a certain budget for that. Then look for best rates for flights, and other transportation that you need. Book a flight earlier so that you can get a cheaper rate. Look for hotels that are not so expensive. Check their amenities if suits to your needs and reserve ahead of time. Also, allocate a budget for food. Try to look for restaurants that you want to try and check their menu prices.  

3. Know what to pack. Since you have planned everything already, make sure that you will plan beforehand on the things that you need to pack especially if you will be travelling with the kids. Don't forget to travel light. Why? Because this will save you for the check-in luggage and it would be easier to go transfer from the airport to the hotel with a light luggage. Also, you will surely hate it to wait on the baggage area for a long time!

It isn't that hard, right? Well, to make things a lot easier, you can just do it step by step and do it months earlier so that you won't be in a rush. Nothing beats a well-planned trip. But what about if you are travelling with the kids? Well, here is an infographic which gives parents some travelling advice from the kids. 

For sure, the kids know what they want. So, if you will try to follow their advice, you will realize that it can actually make a trip fun!

Travel Advice from Your Kids infographic

Have a safe and fun travel!

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17 (mga) komento

  1. I went on a first ever solo trip last year so I appreciate this blog entry. Mine was a little bit of a cop out though, since I only travelled locally (went to El Nido) and relied on the hotel for all the arrangements. It really wasn't much of a challenge, but I found the experience pretty rejuvenating. :) You're right, when you're traveling alone the only person you have to think about is yourself, so it was definitely what I needed at that particular moment in time. Hoping I get to go on another solo trip this year- this time I'll try to be more adventurous! Hehehe. Thanks for all the tips, I especially love that part about booking transportation, tickets etc. in advance via the internet. It's so much safe and much more convenient that way. :)

  2. I want to travel like this someday. I'll map my own route and then have a flexibility itinerary. I noticed that with local travelers, in the Philippines at least, most ascribe to itineraries online rather than making their own. It's easier in that there's less planning involved, but I think it's also limiting in terms of discovery and exploration.

  3. My first trip in Vietnam was through a tour agency, but I've been travelling for the past three years independently; It doesn't even compare when it's organised for you! The tip about knowing what to pack was also very useful and something I struggle with constantly.

    I read an article of a scientific study and they found that planning your own trips actually causes the largest boost of happiness! Perhaps another reason to plan it yourself? ^_^

  4. I DIY my own travel too, because I find going with agencies unnecessarily expensive. Also, I'm a control freak and traveling is one of the things that I like to be in control of.

    I haven't planned a travel with kids though because I don't have kids yet hehehe...

  5. It's a challenge to travel with kids and listing all the needs in a simpler way will make it easy. This is a helpful guide and compilation to keep. I love the ending image with lots of interesting and inspiring statistics. Hoping for more family travels and let the kids experience the beauty of the world outside gadgets. Hehe

  6. By kids I assume young children, not babies or toddlers. It is great also to make a plan with them too. It is a good learning experience in family discussion and bonding. They also feel important too.

  7. Such a helpful post. And I so love the infographics. It detailed everything but in a fun and easy way to comprehend.

    Trying new food is indeed a must in every travel same with building those sand castles with the whole family.

  8. Some great advices for parents here ! I live on a holiday island , dealing with lots of holiday makers , especially lots of families in the summer during school holidays. I very often wondered , where tkese parents take their composure from , looks like you have got the right "recipe" for that ! Have a lovely weekend :)

  9. I think these are wonderful and timely tips. We are planning to go abroad sometime this year so these are helpful.Thank you.

  10. This is so true, specialy for the location. Since I have younger siblings 7 and 2 yrs old. We always consider a family friendly place to travel. So I carefully plan our travel. Months ahead before the schedule to make sure that we will enjoy it :)

  11. I almost always travel independently because there are so many what ifs and time constraints for us to work with a travel agent. I agree with your tips and that sheet was a complete lifesaver. I had to figure those tips out with experience and this would have been nice!

  12. I love to see good sensible advice on travel blogs! I always book my one trips because I prefer to be flexible but I do see why some people use travel agents if they are too busy or not confident enough! But you have some really great tips here :)

  13. I have a baby on the way and wife loves to travel. I definitely need these tips! XD

  14. Thanks for the advice! Pinning this to our Mommy Monday Blog Hop board, thanks for sharing with us at #MMBH!

  15. These are some great tips. Will save me a headache or two. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. Awesome infographic! Planning in advance is a must! Independent traveling isn't easy but your tips sure is a lot of help :)


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