Selecting a Marriage Agency: Russian or Ukrainian One?

As a person wishing to meet Ukrainian and Russian women for dating and marriage, you have definitely thought about which culture and country to focus on – Russia or Ukraine. Or maybe you have not even thought that they are different? Indeed, it is a common mistake of people from the West – they are confident that Ukrainian and Russian cultures are identical, so they envision these two states almost as one. 

However, we have surprising news for you – this is not so, and sometimes a Ukrainian woman may be abused by being taken for a Russian woman, and vice versa. Hence, as soon as you have decided to look for your love in this part of the world, you should be competent about differences – you will definitely please your Russian or Ukrainian woman with that kind of knowledge they usually do not expect from men from another part of the world.

Selecting a Marriage Agency: Russian or Ukrainian One?

Similarities: The USSR and Slavic Origin

Those who think that Russian women and Ukrainian women are similar are definitely right, while those who believe they are identical are wrong! Where does this stereotype come from? There are two major reasons – belonging of both countries to the USSR and their common Slavic roots that make their culture, traditions, lifestyle, values, and attitudes very alike. Russia and Ukraine became independent countries after the collapse of the USSR, but they are neighbors territorially, ethnically, and culturally. Thus, even given that at present, the countries are far from positive relations, they are still strongly bonded with a common history, ethnicity, and culture.

Differences: Flags, Language, and Attitudes

Ukrainians understand Russian language very well, but the same does not apply to Russians, who mostly do not understand Ukrainian language even at the basic level. In terms of language and cultural traditions, authentic Ukrainians share many more traits with Polish and Czech neighbors than with Russians; this applies to the Western part of the country. Even for Europeans, Ukrainian speech sounds more like Polish or Czech – it is very melodic and pleasant.

Another specific difference among Russians and Ukrainians is their attitude; Russians are a grand nation that has historically won many battles in Europe. Hence, it is common to see Russians behaving a bit arrogantly, and treating other people as minors. One very good cultural trait distinguishing Russians from Ukrainians is their generosity, while Ukrainians are much greedier, but not in bad terms – they are very money-saving and careful about their household, so they rarely wasteful in their expenses.

These are interesting peculiarities that Russian and Ukrainian nations share and are distinguished by, but these are mostly generalizations, and you should definitely not expect to witness all those features in your Russian or Ukrainian fiancée. Both countries have many thrilling places of sightseeing, magnificent travel experiences, and friendly, welcoming people to greet you there. So it is up to you to choose the country of your love search; however, you shouldn’t always make a choice – many agencies, such as, have both Russian and Ukrainian ladies as their clients, and you can decide to which country to travel only after meeting your mate in an online relationship.

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