All You Have to Know About Clairvoyance

Today, we have a guest post that tackles on something that some of you might be interested to read.


Have you ever wondered how some people simply know things? They have intimate knowledge of events which is otherwise impossible to know. Furthermore, some of them are able to foretell future. These individuals are using their inner talent- extra sensory perception. If you wish to develop your God given intuition, it is best if you start by learning more about various psychic abilities. This way, you are able to tell whether you actually possess some of these talents.

When someone says that he is a psychic, he usually refers to the fact that he is clairvoyant. So, what does clairvoyance mean? It means that an individual has a gift of clear seeing. He is able to perceive things which are out of ordinary people’s grasp. They may refer to some shocking events or even things which happen on daily basis. They come in form of voices in your head. Occasionally, these voices may give you instructions as to where to go or what to do.

Clairvoyance allows you to access other plains of existence. With this ability, you are able to speak with the dead or with angels. However, there is much more to it.

Clairvoyance is just a general term which is used to explain various abilities. In fact, clairvoyance is something that refers to all psychic abilities which are based on all our senses. If we were to make a sub-classification, we could separate it into:

• Clairsentinence or clear sense
• Claircognizance or clear knowing
• Clairgustance or clear taste
• Clairalience or clear smell
• Clairaudience or clear hearing


When we talk about psychic sensitivity, this is a term which we usually use. Clairsentinence can describe overall ability to sense things. Visions are absorbed by all our sense including hearing, taste, smell etc. It is the most complex and hardest to handle power.
However, have in mind that these senses are often hard to explain. They come in a form of overall feeling. Perhaps the best way of describing is by saying that this is an innate intuition which encompasses all before mentioned senses and it can be noticed through string of various emotions such as nervousness, being ecstatic, being joyful etc.


This is the second point on our list. Unlike clairsentinence which consists of various psychic abilities based on the use of our senses, claircognizance represents the ability to know things. In comparison to the first ability, this one is more based on our intellect as the main receiver. In this case, we are not getting information though senses but instead, they are simply instilled within our brain.

Some may say that this is a divine interventions or work of some other power unbeknownst to us. Nevertheless, these feelings are really strong and impactful and they are able to mold our opinion regarding some people. Occasionally, claircognizance can warn us of potentially dangerous situations.


Have you ever felt as if there is something in your mouth? As if you tasted a familiar dish? Clairgustance connects us to a certain food. This food can be present in this moment on a remote location or it can be something which we see in future. It usually refers to some event or occasion and we are able to get insight into entire occasion solely based on that sense.


Clairalience allows you to smell certain things. It connects you to remote or future smells making a spiritual bridge between you and some remote place. For example, imagine smelling a particular flower and after a few days you found yourself in a field full of that specie.


Similarly to previous cases, this power is based on another of our senses. When translated, it stands for clear hearing. With it, we are able to hear something that is distant, whether we are talking about space or time. It can be something that gives us warning or simply shows us the future.

As you can see, clairvoyance can be very complicated matter. Although we are able to divide in various categories, it still represents ability to see the hidden by using our senses and brain. In fact, the only thing that changes is the way we receive that message.

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