Top 10 Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for breast cancer fundraising ideas, here are some that you'd surely love to try. Take a look at this guest post from Liza Ray that suggest fun ideas for the breast cancer awareness month.

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

October month is going to kick soon and the gentle cause of raising funds for breast cancer patients is also near to stand for a good cause. It is a good thought to hold an event get the funds for the women suffering from the best cancer disease. Now science has innovated and found a good treatment to cure this disease.

There are so many NGO’s and helping sites which raise the funds and help the women to treat and fight against such type of critical disease. Hey! Do you want to join this fundraising action? You are at the right place. Here are the ideas to plan and organize fun raising event for the family and friend lady, suffering from this chronic disease. You can raise your hands for them and say she is not alone in her fight. So quickly look at down here under.

Color Run for Breast Cancer

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The Brest cancer color run can be organized in to spread the awareness about breast cancer disease. It is a noble marathon of color run you can plan and organize in the city or out of the city of 5 Km or more miles for raising fund. This event must be planned and organized in advance. 

Keep in mind you must choose a Pink Colored Powder for this marathon. You can call certain groups of supporters, family and friends and let them invite to run and the guests to sprinkle the pink colors in between the race. In some races donation taken before the race and some admit in between the race. You can collect the donation and give it to the NGO‘s or the breast cancer helping organization.

Host a Tea Party

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It is a fun loving activity everyone would like to join in. Host a pink theme colored tea party or luncheon party for the women dressed in pink. You can hold this event at a house, restaurant or any place. Entry in the tea party starts with tickets to buy for the donation purpose. Start by placing green tea, ice tea, hot tea, flowery tea and other flavorsome tea to pour in the pink color cups. You can serve a carrot ginger tea sandwiches, cherry scones, grapefruit ambrosia, orange poppy seed cake and other pink colored snacks for enjoying tea party.

Pink Cupcake Bake Sale

 photo Pink-Cupcake-Bake-Sale_zpsbizpqxqm.jpg

In some cases you can try and effort on your own by baking a pink cupcake and sale for a good cause. Boob cupcakes are hot favorite amongst those. Get the online recipes of vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes frosted with pink piping bags. Bake a cake and take it to any fair or race or mass of crowd where you can sell it for raising donation.

Host a Themed Music Concert

 photo Host-a-Themed-Music-Concert_zpsbsyago7n.jpg

Get the best music composer friends and singers call them to arrange the live music concert. Get the tickets to buy and enter in the live concert. You must decorate this with concert with pink color balloons or ribbons. With this you can also spread awareness about breast cancer disease and call the audience to donate more for a good cause.

Buy Pink Ribbon Pins

 photo Buy-Pink-Ribbon-Pins_zpsmtpiqibd.jpg

From decades ribbons pins are set to spread the awareness. Like red ribbon pin is a sign to spread the awareness for AIDS. You can also spread awareness of breast cancer and raise a fund by making a pink ribbon pins and sell it at the entrance of the mall or fun fair or any concert. Get the pink colored safety pins from the market and hot glue the small pink ribbons and tiny rose on it. Organize a pink table and put the donation box and besides this pink ribbons to buy and ask for donations.

Fundraising with Bar Night

 photo Fundraising-with-Bar-Night_zpsfbb4ccgu.jpg

Get the local bar or restaurant and arrange the bar night for an Avon Walk evening. Get it started with serving Pink Lady, Pink Pussycat and Cosmopolitan. Tell the bar owner to hand over the 10% of the night’s sale to donate. Some good owners also donate more than 20%. Just spread a message for fundraising Avon Walk with social media and call the family and friends to join in this noble cause and give more and more donation.

Guys in Pink Car Wash

 photo Guys-in-Pink-Car-Wash_zpsdzsu3ser.jpg

You call the group of men who are all set to go and ready to wash the car for a noble cause. Call the group of people wearing a pink shirt or T-shirt with pink ribbon pins. A whole group washes the cars and the tips given by will be delivered directly to the breast cancer organization.

Street Sale of Jewellery and Craft

 photo Street-Sale-of-Jewellery-and-Craft_zpsvrxlabqp.jpg

A Craft sale is possible only in the area where you found a large number of crowds and especially for the holiday. Get the pink color hair pins, ribbons, safety pins and other girly utensils you arrange in the street to buy and get the donation money. You can also put a container of donation box besides this to ask for more donations except this.

Hair Cut at Salon

 photo Hair-Cut-at-Salon_zpsam3pd2wl.jpg

A hair cut salon party can be organized at the local salon shop. Ask any of your salon friend or nearby salon to arrange a hair cut party at his salon. Give him to get the flat-rate discount and all he is going to give to the breast cancer awareness organization.

Use Your Talent to Donate

 photo Use-Your-Talent-to-Donate_zpsnaok9vyk.jpg

Know your talent which the best suits to you and serve the best to others. If you are a good singer you can sing in the mass of a crowd or in the street area for fund raising. Or if you are a good painter, of course you can go ahead and buy the sketches online as well as on the streets. If you are a good mimicry artist, publicly you can make a group of friends and entertain the guests for fund raising cause.

So here are the ideas for you can choose and plan for the breast cancer awareness program. You can use Color Powder for Fundraising and ask for the donation for each and every event. But you must get the food color which is chemical free. Hope you like and get the idea of how to run for a noble cause.

Author Bio: Liza Ray is an artistic writer,guest blogger based in the USA with strong passion in writing for various topics such as Health/Fitness, Lifestyle, Photography, Fashion, and lot more - who is currently associated with Color Marathon, an Online Color Powder Supplier. She encourages Fundraising Events held in the USA.

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