Tips On Choosing Gas Heaters

What we have today is a guest post that talks about gas heaters. So, if you are planning to get one for your home, you'll find the tips here very useful.

Choosing Gas Heaters

People, who have tried different heating modes for their homes like electric, solar or even other heaters, agree that gas heaters are perhaps the easiest to use. There is no doubt that these gas heaters come with a range of benefits.

They definitely heat up faster and are easier to control. For people who have appliances operating on gas, it is a more viable and economical option. You can easily connect and operate these heaters with your gas supply or pipeline, which you are already paying for.

Another benefit of choosing a gas heater would be that it is a clean - or rather green option for you. It is a fuel that barely leaves behind any harmful residues and it also has the lowest emissions fossil fuel.

It is correct that such heaters actually emit more carbon dioxide, as compared to other natural energy sources. Yet, it works out to be one of the most sustainable options for your home or even smaller commercial space. But for larger homes, you may consider some other form of heating.

Tips On Choosing Gas Heaters

How to Choose Gas Heaters

Identification of Location for Installation: The first and foremost concern that you probably have is where to install these heaters. But that’s the simple part here. You can actually install them anywhere in the house - be it horizontally or even vertically. There is no need to have an outside wall here either.

Type of Gas Heater: The second factor for concur is whether you should have a flued gas heater or an unflued one. The difference here it’s that the flued ones have to be installed permanently. So, in those cases, you have to ensure a fixed option. They are very much safe, especially for houses. In the other case, the unflued one would be more portable.

Thus, it gives is more advantageous for you, especially moving it around with ease. But one problem is that a lot of people face here is too much of emission. This heater comes with the drawback of emitting both carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. As a result, such gas heaters do make your home damp and restrict ventilation of air, which means health risks and property damage.

Choosing Gas Heaters

Efficiency of Gas Heaters: Along with this, it is also advised that you check on the efficiency of these heaters. Most heaters that have higher Energy Star ratings which are recommended for homes or offices.

They consume lesser energy and their gas emission is also low. You can ideally look for a condensing heater option that are much easier to run and also cheaper. They try to take as much heat as possible from the flued gas heaters.

Aesthetic Look Vs Usage: As a rule of thumb, you should try and avoid the decorative heater varieties. They are actually of no use because they have higher operational costs and provide minimum heating. With such gas heaters you are just wasting time and money.

Should You Go for Portable LPG Heaters?

A newer name for the unflued form of these heaters would be the LPG heaters, which doesn’t have any kind of chimney. Basically they also don’t have vents. In these LPG heaters, you have the same issues related to dampness. So, it is best to avoid these heaters all together.

There is no doubt that the gas heaters are definitely a sensible and economical option for your home. But there are some restrictions here because they are fixed.

So consider which one suits your home and budget needs. Also, if you don’t have an existing gas pipeline, then you may want to consider other alternatives. In such cases, the recurring costs do tend to go up.

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