Pros and Cons for Concrete Polishing Floor

From several years, concrete has been famous for its money saving and durability characteristics. With latest technologies, business owners and land owners are experiencing that they can bind these benefits of concrete in their construction areas. Concrete polishing is a famous option for other flooring stuffs due to three striking advantages i.e. aesthetics, lower maintenance, and total cost.

Polished concrete flooring is an extremely cost-effective. Different from several other floor surface supplies, a floor with concrete polishing can remain up to 10 years or long before it requires being refinished. The maintenance is also negligible on polished floor, so decreasing costs related with keeping floors traffic-friendly, durable, and clean.

Good and Bad Things About Concrete Polishing

Each and every type of concrete flooring options, there are some good and bad aspects. Here, we are going to mention some of them, but even these things can differ as per the finishing levels, products, and exact system chosen.

Pros and Cons for Concrete Polishing Floor


Easy to uphold: the maintenance of concrete floor is extremely easy. It will require waxing or sealing every three to nine months. This is dependent on the traffic level for maintaining the caring or the top layer well. Other than this, you can employ a neutral clean-up agent for mopping the floor often. You can also use utility pad for particular obstinate stains.

Versatile: Only if the concrete is free and smooth from defects, bumps, and holes, you have the option of setting up any floor exterior covering that you wish over it at an afterward date. This offers you the freedom of choosing many designs. Be informed that an underlayment may require to be installed along with the concrete plus new substance that you choose.

Static Dissipative: An opened concrete floor frequently shows antistatic trends, though, they are related to the moisture levels of floor, making it less reliable. You can get Anti-static coatings implemented to the concrete flooring for making sure that static discharge doesn’t lead to harm to static responsive equipment.

Sanitary: Appropriately sealed and finished concrete can be practically defiant to liquids, particularly water. Coatings can give waterproof obstacles that close the concrete and put off pollutants from really getting to the concrete. Anti-microbial protection can also be achieved by some coatings. Also premium concrete flooring should not have crevice or cracks in the exterior that can harbor bacteria, dirt and food.

Pros and Cons for Concrete Polishing Floor


Hardness: the durability and strength of this substance can also be a responsibility. The exterior of a concrete-floor is extremely solid. In case you fall and trip on one, you’re possibly about to injure yourself. Stuffs fallen on these floors are prone to crack or shatter. Hence, these flooring is not advised for places which will be frequented by old people or kids.

Moisture: if not correctly sealed on the bottom and top, concrete floor will be incredibly vulnerable to dispersion by dampness. In case, fluid gets into the pores of the flooring, and the water that seeped in causes the development of mildew or mold within your house. In a few atmospheres, you will need to be afraid of the dampness freezing that will lead increase and break the floor slab from its center.

Loud: floors with concrete polishing can be loud similar to bamboo floors, some hardwood floors, natural stone flooring, and ceramic tile. To lessen the loudness, you can equip the surface with acoustic wall panels, heavy carpets, rugs, plus other elements that block or absorb noise.

The performance and advanced sturdiness of polished concrete have made it the first choice for municipalities, office facilities, warehouses, and retail stores. Homeowners, too, are choosing these high-luster and smooth concrete polished floors that reproduce the appearance of polished stone.

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