10 Home Cleaning Hacks for Busy People

All kinds of homes require cleaning to function well—high-rise condos, modest apartment, or even designer prefab homes. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of daily life can take time away from cleaning. But don’t let work and lifestyle get away from your cleaning tasks. When life gets busy, apply these ten cleaning hacks to have spic and span rooms in a breeze.

home cleaning hacks

1. Clean the insides of blenders by blending soap and water

Shakes and smoothies are a sweet treat you can take any day. All’s good and well until you have to clean your blenders with sharp blades, which make the insides hard to clean.

Cleaning hack: Blend soap and water, push the button, and you’re done!

2. Disinfect objects through boiling

Most disinfectants tend to be costly and have some chemical propositions that may be hazardous to your health. Disinfecting through boiling and hot water, on the other hand, is an effective and cheap way to kill germs and avoid spreading of diseases.

Cleaning hack: Wash and soak objects (toys, sheets, clothes, appliances) in hot water and soap. Be wary of some plastics, though, as it may melt under the heat.

3. Do a 15-minute clean up before going to bed

Dreaming of a peaceful and a good night sleep? Make 15-minute cleaning before bed a daily habit for you, your family, or your roommates. The feeling of getting everything done before going to bed is a satisfying feat. Through this, you can face the next day with no worries and dirt troubles.

Cleaning hack: Set a 15-minute timer and assign a room to clean up before going to bed. Cheers to good mornings!

4. Place a shoe rack by the door

Having footwear all over the place, especially when you have celebrations or any form of gathering can cause dirt to lie around and be a visitor in your floors as well.

Cleaning hack: Put shoe racks or closets near the door, so your visitors can easily store their shoes and keep the floors clean.

5. Put microfiber cloths in easy to reach places for easy dusting

Microfiber cloths are cleaning wonders for when you need to dust away. Simply wiping will just leave the dust to settle to other places, and will add more cleaning time.

Cleaning hack: When in need of dusting, make sure to have a microfiber cloth nearby. Avoid wiping on greasy and oily materials, as it may damage the cloth and be less sufficient.

6. Mix lemon and baking soda to clean countertops

When lemon and baking soda combine, you can be sure that your surfaces will be clean in just a wipe. These two are cleaning charms and have been tried and tested already by a lot of people when it comes to cleaning. It’s safe, natural, and have few coarse chemicals to worry about.

Cleaning hack: Clean and wipe countertops and surfaces by mixing lemon juice and baking soda.

7. Use liquid shower gels to remove bathroom grout

Bathroom grout is one of the toughest stains you’ll have to clean and encounter. You may be squeaky clean after every refreshing bath, but your bathroom won’t be as clean as you.

To counter the grout, here’s a neat trick: use shower gels instead of bath soaps. The oils found in soap can cause grout, while shower gels have specially formulated ingredients.

Cleaning hack: Use shower gels instead of bath soap when bathing. Scrub the excess residue on the bathroom floor to clean grout.

8. Prevent rusting with petroleum jelly

It’s inevitable that metal objects will rust over time. To ensure that such objects can stand the test of time, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to avoid rusting and be usable for a long time.

Cleaning hack: Dab petroleum jelly on certain tools, metal objects, and furniture to prevent rusting.

9. Clean spilled glitter with clay or tape

What glitters is not usually gold, as glitters could spill on your floor and be a challenging task to clean up. No worries, though, because clay and scotch tape are here to save your day. Just place either of these two materials, and the glitter will stick to it like glue.

Cleaning hack: Pick up spilled glitter with clay or scotch tape.

10. Make salt as an alternative stain remover

Apart from delicious cooking, salt is also a great factor when removing stains and for home cleaning. Different kinds of salts (e.g. iodized, coarse) can be matched with other elements like lemon and vinegar to get the job done right.

Cleaning hack: Add salt to a mixture of water for stain removal. Its natural components can be your ally in home cleaning.

In all honesty, cleaning is both a refreshing and an enlightening experience. Nothing beats the feeling of a newly-cleaned and decluttered room where you can see spaces that weren’t freed up before.

Yes, the task might be grueling and tiring, but if you’ll look around the corner, cleaning comes with a lot of benefits. If you think you cannot do proper cleaning, you can always call cleaning services in Chicago or in whatever are you live. 

However, you can definitely try the hacks above which can help you wipe your way to a cleaner home with little to no costs in no time.


  1. I SO NEEDED THIS! I always have something going on and it's often too late when I realize my desk/room is messier than ever. I used to clean weekly when work wasn't being such a pain, but since January, there has been zilch time for a real cleanup! Thank you for these hacks!

  2. I am always busy and most of the time I dread cleaning especially dusty places in the house. But your idea of doing a 15-minute clean up before going to bed is particularly awesome. Cleaning 15 minutes every night in each section of the house will make the entire home clean in no time. Thanks for sharing these home cleaning hacks!

  3. These are helpful tips. I do not know some of these cleaning hacks and would love to try them. The salt in particular. Also the shower gel, and almost everything. I love our home to.be clean all the time. Perhaps because we have a baby in the.house or I just love a clean ambiance.

  4. Wow that's a lot of really useful tips! I like the 15-mins before bed tip, seriously if I make that a habit, we'll never have a messy house! Plus I think some serious cleaning would easily put me to sleep afterwards! Thanks for the tips! :D

  5. These are great hacks. I didn't know most of these especially cleaning the blender. Oh life would be easier now. Lol.

  6. Wow! I didn't know salt is an active stain remover. Will definitely save a lot of bucks if I'll try everything on this list. Thanks for sharing!

    PS. Bookmarking this for future reference :)

  7. I feel like this has been written for me! I am always struggling to find time to clean the house and of course I want to do it the easiest way possible! I actually do the 15 min cleaning before going to bed, now I know I'm not the only one who does that. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. I honestly never heard of the other hacks. My mom would just tell me to use vinegar + baking soda to clean. Well, I certainly learned something new and surely, I'll apply this soon!

  9. an alternative title for this article, "10 Home Cleaning Hacks for lazy people." Hahahaha! I'm not really that busy but these hacks are a must try! lol

  10. I love this!! I'm super OC so I find all these tips pretty helpful. (I've been using the lemon and baking soda but I haven't tried the rest. I especially love the tips on using shower gel to clean grout, petroleum jelly for rust and salt for stains. Will bookmark this post. Thanks so much!

  11. I really wanted such tips.It is not easy to keep the home clean while attending many tasks.Specially with an active kid at home,cleaning is a bit hectic task.I really like the idea of blender cleaning.Will try that.

  12. Wow some of these are really helpful and also new to me. I did not know that shower gel removed grout stains! I'm going to try that the next time! I'll be sharing this for sure!

  13. I'm so bad at cleaning. I never want to clean. So I love these hacks! Love anything that makes cleaning easier. Love the bathroom tip! Will try that out definitely. Love this!

  14. I'm always on the look-out for cleaning hacks and I am so thrilled to read your blog post. I'm already practicing/using some of the hacks that you shared. My favorite is the use of baking soda + lemon or white vinegar. I've been using the blending of soap + water lately as I've reunited with making smoothies again. Haha! Hope to read more hacks in the future.

  15. These are really essential tips, and really useful for me, too. I'm quite a busy person, and my room is always a wreck. :( I do try to find time during the weekends to clean it off, though. This was really helpful, indeed. :)

  16. I guess im one of those busy people who hate clutters but with two kids and other family members at home, having a clean and organized surroundings is quite tough. These hacks were all bery helpful. I was thinking lately how to clean the blender and thank goodness i came across your blog. Thank you for sharing! :)

  17. Thank you so much for all the wonderful tips. I really enjoyed reading everything. Moreover, I also learned new things that I did not know before. I am surprised to know that petroleum jelly can prevent rusting. Our place is near salt water and most people say that it is the reason most of our metals easily get rusty. Will definitely bookmark this for future reference.

  18. This is very helpful. I need more hacks like this. I hardly have time to do things and sometimes I'm not able to get to chores. I especially like the lemon and baking soda hack. Will give this a try.

  19. To all the moms and married ladies I say this here- please ensure your bathroom is squeaky clean. If there is some gynae problem then an untidy toilet or bathroom may cause UTI. Coming to this post, my footwear closet is located closed to the front door though , if given a chance, I would keep it outside the door.

  20. Thank you for this cleaning hacks. I truly found it helpful. We currently don't have a helper now I need this. Will also use petroleum jelly to prevent rust on my metal accessories.

  21. This is a must read for all people--- whether they are moms, dads, workers or children, these tips are simply amazing and very ingenious! Great post.

  22. i was a little shock at your pointer 6 on using lemon and baking soda to clean countertops. because i'm drinking lemon-baking soda water like, twice a week to "detox". but anyway, doesn't applying a layer of petrolum jelly makes the surface greasy and sticky?

  23. I always wash my smoothie blender either by doing your tip 1 or just trowing the parts into a washing machine (thank god mine can be washed in that!) Maybe I could do better with placing microfiber cloths around. I usually panic clean all the surfaces before someone is coming over. Haha! Thanks for the tips, all of them are very useful!

  24. Wow. These hacks are very helpful! That one with the blender is something ive never tried before. Also with the petroleum jelly. I will bookmark this for future reference. Im sure people out there will find this list helpful as well.