Give French Touch to Your Bedroom with French Provincial Bed

Well, to give a romantic touch to their bedroom, often people choose French Provincial décor. In case, you want to decorate your room you must look into these few designs, which would change your perception to look for French Provincial Bed Designs. French Designs are timeless, and are popular. The combination of exquisite lines and culture is primarily paving the way for the people with a delicate taste. The unique touch of feminism and elegance will take you back to the period of Kings and Queens reign. The comfort and the beauty will simply convert your bedroom for a wonderland room of a palace.

French Provincial Bed

Types of French Provincial Bed Designs:


The usage of the headboard and the wall next to it is a focal point in the bedroom. The bed itself takes the center stage, especially, in this particular design. The colors are muted, which adds externally to its romanticism.

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom Design is primarily the best classic version of the French piece. It uses the elegant lines along with those beautiful curves in the furniture, apart from the bedroom accessories. It gives a typical look to the French Provincial Bed.

Pretty in Pink

The French designs are too romantic as well as charming. If used along with the French Provincial Beds, it will certainly have a soothing effect in the entire room.

Cantera Elegance

French designs are used to be the most luxurious masterpieces. On this, the bed is the focal point. It adds an extra amount of elegance to the French Provincial Beds. The color added to it makes the room appealing, inviting, and regal.

Lovely in Lilac

This type of design is used to forge and openwork beds or iron beds and adds a good accent for the French inspired bedroom. You must use the layers of lavender in this type of bedroom design. It seems sophisticated than overpowering. It is ravishing and relaxing as well.

Enchanted Oaks

The French Country bedroom designs are best suited for Enchanted Oaks. It looks kind of ethnic to the French Provincial Bed. Try to combine the bedroom with beautiful furniture with a motif of pastoral to create the French country feel.

Weston Residence

The Weston Residence will certainly give a feeling of retreat along with the dramatic valance and magnificence. French Provincial Beds with a soothing color along with the subtle patterns and textures make it an elegant French bedroom design.

Pastel Bedroom

The Pastel Bedroom adds a metallic shade to the subtlety of the openwork bed forming a silky texture. This is a kind of chic way to add the French touch in a bedroom design while boasting the Provincial Beds.

French Bedroom

If you are in love with the feminine feel that a bedroom can give, then the French Bedroom is the appropriate one. It adds to the elegant details and makes a serene retreat to the love of royalties.

French Bed

Cathy Kincaid

The French designs are very much popular in giving and using a lot of pale colors like greens and cream colors, which is used in the bedroom design. The boudoir is primarily filled with different amount of textures and patterns primarily complementing each other. It has a finish of rich and luxurious atmosphere.

The French Bedroom Company

This is also a feminine and a mellow bedroom design. It has a very intricate detail of furniture used with soft colors, which seem to be welcoming and charming.

Hence, you must have a good knowledge about the French designs when you actually design your own French Provincial Beds. There are various options to choose from that fits perfectly with your bedroom.

Disclosure: This is a guest post. All images and text provided by the contributor.


  1. The French Provincial décor makes me think of Beauty and the Beast. If given the chance, I would like to have that kind of room. It's elegant and it makes me feel like a princess. Hoping you added a photo with each type you've described so it'll be more helpful.

  2. That bedroom looks stunning and very unique! That style is kind of nice. However that kind of bed would look quite weird and funny in our otherwise modern Scandinavian home haha! And our bedroom is basically only size of that bed so it might not be very good for us. Thanks for sharing though!

  3. It's really nice, and it makes me think of Versailles tho! I don't want such a thing for my own bedroom, but it's helpful for people who want one like this! x

  4. That design is definitely an eye catcher. It seems like fitted for a queen. Looks too elegant, perhaps the type of bedroom my mom would want for herself.

  5. I've always been fascinated by anything French and this post made my eyes bleed hearts all over. I would actually get this room if I'm rich enough. It is so sophisticated and very royal. :)

  6. French decor is so elegant. As much as I'd like it for my own home I wouldn't be able to keep up the elegance. I'd love to see examples of lilac and pastel. Those seem so dreamy.

  7. OMG just wow! This is insane. Who doesn't want a bedroom like this? I would love to have this at home. It's so luxurious!

  8. Im really ignorant when it comes to interior deaigns though i must say im a downright fan of french themed bedroom. This post has taught me much about it. But Im curious about the cost. And do I need to consult to an interior designer o revamp my bedroom?

  9. French interior is a complete home design that needs to be look you just have shared the bed share the complete interior and exterior of french home designs.