How to Enjoy a Getaway Vacation Without Your Kids

You need time away from your kids.. You need the time away to remember that you are someone else other than “Mommy” or “Daddy”. You need it to remember you as a person, you as a wife or husband, you as a friend. There are other relationships in your life that need to be looked after and nurtured. The first and foremost of those relationships is with yourself. More than just date nights or girl nights away, you need a proper getaway vacation. Starting a yearly retreat early in your kids’ lives will make the distance seem normal and natural for them, and will give you a much-needed break, too.

getaway without kids

1. Remember that they will be okay without you

No matter how guilty you might feel, or how much your kids guilt-trip you, remember, they will be okay. Have your parents or someone that they are comfortable with take care of them for the few days you are away, someone you trust and they trust, and it will all be fine. The end of the world won’t happen because you decide to spend some time with adult-you for once.

2. Be honest with your kids

Don’t treat it like some secret, ugly thing. Be honest with your kids about leaving for a few days, where you will be going, what you will (generally) be doing. When they ask why they can’t come, explain to them that you need alone time to spend with your wife/husband, or with your friends, or by yourself. Relate it back to them. Don’t you need some alone time without me with your friends? Or by yourself?

3. Plan for things for your kids to do while you’re away

You can easily plan for small things that will keep your kid happy and having fun at home. Ask your parents to take them to a park, or to play a game with them one weekend afternoon. Give them money to take your kids out to the movies or to get a treat.

4. Do every adult thing you can’t do at home

Now that they’re all set up at home, it’s time for your vacation. A great option for getaway vacations are luxury resorts that allow you to not only be pampered, but to also experience the wilderness. Go to: to plan your next getaway, and enjoy the wild mountains, the beautiful scenery, and, of course, the luxuries of a spa. Drink, go for long walks your kids couldn’t ensure, party, enjoy time with your friends, or your partner, or whoever you like.

5. Spend time with them once you get back home

This one is important. Bring them something cute back from your trip, so they feel like they were a part of it (even though they weren’t) and, most crucially, spend some quality time with your kids once you get back.

Just because you take a vacation away from your kids doesn’t mean you don’t love them or that you’ll hurt them. You need a vacation from your full-time job as a parent, and you should not feel guilty for it. Family vacations are great, and they’re fun, but there are others in your life you need to spend some quality time with. Don’t forget them!

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