Lookna – A New Way To Reach Potential Customers

Have you been scammed by fraudulent advertisers? Cannot compete with giant advertisers who have huge budgets allocated for their advertisements? We can help. Here at Lookna, we provide fair ads to searches making your ads visible to targeted audiences without paying a fortune. However, once the advertiser provided the necessary documents, Lookna shall take all reasonable steps to complete verification of the details provided by Advertiser within 2 working days.


Lookna only allows verified business owners to have a listing and advertise their businesses. It also prohibits the advertisement of the following items and services: Casino & gambling, illegal drug and narcotics, adult items & services, guns, weapons and ammunition. We also have restrictions on some items and services you may advertise. Lookna reserves the right to decline or disapprove listings and ads that violate its policies, terms and conditions.

As a verified advertiser, you need to create listing/s that will provide your business name, nature of business, address, phone number and business website.

Creating a listing in Lookna is a piece of cake. However, here are some best practices that you can use as a guide to make sure that you get the most out of it. It is important to choose the category that best fits your business. Searchers would surely want to know all of the possible information that they can get from your listing, and if you are the right person they are looking for, they will contact you for your services.

Furthermore, making sure that they know if you are available or not will make their experience a better one. Make sure to drag the map marker to correctly pin your location, thus allowing possible clients to know where your physical location is. This can be an advantage as clients can drop by your store or business location to do business with you personally. Make your dashboard clear from clutter by making sure that you only create listings for your business once.

Always manage your Lookna Advertiser’s Account by checking the following: your User Profile, this contains the information you have entered into Lookna, like your Personal Information, Account Information and the verification documents you have submitted. Your Dashboard, it displays the listings you have created. Your Messages, conversations with services provider/s you have contacted. And lastly Billing Account, this is where the payment methods, preferences, billing history and subscriptions are.

A Searcher account is used by anyone who is looking for a specific service or product offered by the advertisers. It is created thru search page. Once the searcher starts communicating with the advertisers, the phone number he used will be saved in the database and will be used as his auto-created login info.

Here are the guides on how to Search on Lookna.

(1)Go to the Home or Search page.

(2) Type the services or product that you are looking for.

( 3) Select the business you want to get in touch with. (We recommend that you choose the nearest service provider.)The ads that you will see from the Search Result page will let you know which company offers the services you have searched for.

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