The Best Night Time Outdoor Games For Children That Will Entertain In The School Holidays

When I was a kid, I enjoy playing outdoors even during night time. It is just nice to run around without the sun above. It is even more fun to play outside when the moon is up! Why don't you let your kids experience this too? Here are some night time outdoor games that your kids will enjoy as suggested by our guest contributor, Kristin Brooks.

night time outdoor games

During school holidays or extended school breaks, it’s inevitable that parents will hear the dreaded “I’m bored” coming from the mouths of their kids. During the days, there are plenty of opportunities for your kids to stay entertaining or preoccupied. But, what about the nights? In fact, when the weather is warm and the kids are outdoors, how are you going to keep them entertained at night?

If you are unable to answer these questions, don’t worry because we have you covered. Check out our list of these fun outdoor games and keep your kids entertained during the night time:

1. Shapes in the Sky

If you're looking for a game that is meant more as a wind-down activity, star-gazing is a wonderful option. You and the kids can lie on blankets in the yard, look at the stars, and point out various shapes that you find. If you’ve got older kids who are showing an interest in science and astronomy you can print out a map of the stars and constellations and try to find as many as possible in the sky.

2. Flashlight Tag

If you're looking for a quick and easy game for the kids that doesn't require any set-up or planning, flashlight tag is the way to go. In this game, you can give each child a flashlight and then they can run around "tagging" each other by shining their beam on one another. Think of it as laser tag with flashlights if you will.

Of course, make sure you play this in an area that is level and safe to run around in. You don’t want obstacles in the way or anything that they can hurt themselves on as they run around in the dark.

3. Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt

If you've got a bit more time on your hands then you can set up a glow in the dark scavenger hunt. You can use a variety of items that light up, or use those plastic Easter eggs and pop a battery-operated light in them. Give kids a basket and send them on their way. You can even provide them with a list of objects that they need to find in order to make it a true scavenger hunt.

4. Shadow Puppets

There's a good chance that everyone at some point in life has played the game of shadow puppets. All you need for this game is a flashlight and a flat surface, like the wall of your house. Each person can take a turn creating puppets and letting the others guess what their creations are. Be prepared for a lot of giggles and fun with this game.

night time outdoor games for kids

5. Create Your Own Drive-In

There's no reason to pack up the whole family and head to the drive-in because you can make it a movie night right in your own backyard. For this activity, you'll need a white sheet, a projector, and a portable movie screen. This activity works with kids of all ages, just pick a movie that appeals to their age group. You'll want to be prepared to host extra guests though, as an outdoor movie tends to draw a crowd. With that in mind, purchase some extra snacks and drinks.

6. Capture the Flag

This particular game is best played in a large open space such as a soccer or football field. You'll need two flags and enough participants to be divided into two teams. Each team will try to capture the other's flag. The first team to capture the flag is the winner. Since you will be playing at night, you may want to use a glow stick instead of a flag. This will make it much easier to spot.

7. Hide and Seek

Here, we have the classic game of hide and seek which can be played anywhere, anytime, and by any number of participants. There is no fancy equipment or set-up required and these games are usually pretty quick to play. Again, this is a game that can appeal to a wide range of age groups.

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors Especially in the Evening

Just because evening is fast approaching doesn’t mean you can’t get outside with the kids and enjoy a variety of fun and entertaining games. These are the exact kinds of games that make school breaks so special and memorable, (aside from those best swing sets that kids enjoy most at the park).


Kristin Brooks

Kristin is a loving mother and child advocate. She writes for and loves to take her kids to the park for them to enjoy the best swings sets during her spare time. She also loves reading and cooking, and one day hopes to write a children's book.

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