Tips to Keep Kids Safe at the Pool

Whenever we are in the pool, one thing that worries us, parents, is the safety of the kids. That is why we make sure that someone is watching over the children while they are in the water. 

But we ask ourselves, is this enough? Is this the only thing that we can do to keep the kids safe?

In truth, we really don't need to worry that much as long as we know what to do. Although pool time is fun time, we need to get ready for this day to make sure that everything will turn out okay.

So today, we have some helpful tips from All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers on how to keep the kids safe at the pool. Aside from that, take a look at some helpful information about what to do during emergencies and what your kids need to bring with them that will keep them safe in the water.

Let me show you how to ensure safety in the pool through the tips below.

Tips to Keep Kids Safe at the Pool

Ensure Your Kids Are Safe While in the Pool

Every year millions of us cool off in hot weather by swimming in a backyard pool or relax in a hot tub. Tragically hundreds of young children will drown in these same pools every year. There are a number of steps parents can take to keep their kids safe and from becoming another statistic.

And it isn't that hard. If you want to make sure your kids will come home safely after a swim, read on:

1. Install a pool fence and pool cover.

Make sure your pool is secured with a barrier that is at least 4-feet tall. A pool fence is a must-have for anybody with children and a pool. The fence should include a self-closing, self-latching gate with a latch that would not be easily operated by a child. 

Consider installing an alarm that alerts you whenever someone enters the pool. A pool cover is a great solution when pools are not in use, and always stay within arms reach of young children.

2. Keep an eye on the kids.

Children should always be under active adult supervision. At all times somebody should be tasked with monitoring the children and if that person has to leave for any reason another person should be designated before leaving - never allow anyone to swim alone.

pool safety

3. Give them swimming lessons.

Make sure all children know how to swim well by enrolling in an age-appropriate swimming class. This will help them understand the dangers of the pool and will teach them some basic swimming lessons.

4. Check the safety of the water.

Make sure the water is clean and clear, it is important to regulate the chemical balance in your pool or hot tub. This will minimize rashes, ear problems, or more serious illnesses.

We're not through yet! 

5. Inform the kids on the dos and donts in swimming.

Everybody should know the rules and behaviors that are appropriate around the pool. Setting these ground rules is important, things like no running, no swimming alone, always have an adult watching and no diving in the shallow end are an important step in safety.

6. Be ready for emergencies.

Lastly, should something occur make sure everyone is tasked with watching children around the pool knows how to deal with emergencies. They should have an understanding of first aid and how to perform CPR.

Now, what are you going to do when you see your kid drowning?

Here is a video on what you should do:

Aside from learning how to save a kid from drowning, you should also make sure that your kids are protected to avoid drowning. You can do this by letting them have the following items before you go swimming:

1. Swim Goggles
2. Swim Bouys
3. Swim Vest
4. Inflatable Arm Floaties
5. Swimming Training Aid
6. Floatation Swimsuit. You can get one that fits your child. There are cute swimsuits for boys aged 3-5 and even for toddlers. Of course, there are pretty ones for girls of all ages too.


  1. Important and useful information. Safety comes first!


  2. Some very important points here. It really is quite shocking how often some parents take their eyes off their children for quite prolonged lengths of time when around pools