On Winning the Mommy Blog Awards 2017+ Blog Plans

Well, the title says it all. I got the most number of votes for the Mommy Blog Awards 2017 of Promocode.ph. Yey

I owe it all to my friends on Facebook especially to those who also encouraged their friends to vote. Because of your help, I received a total of 1172 votes which is equivalent to 15% of the total votes.

Mommy Blog Awards 2017

To be honest, I did not plan on winning and I did not have the interest to request my friends to vote because it would take much time sending messages or tagging people. Also, I'm not the type would campaign for myself especially for a voting contest.

But days before the voting ends, I checked the site and I decided to ask my friends to vote for me. You could be one of those people I sent a message on Facebook asking you to vote for my blog. Lol. I am very grateful that my friends also asked their friends to vote.

The True Value of Winning

But winning isn't merely about getting the most number of votes. It is actually fulfilling that my blog will be named as the Mommy Blog Awards winner. And it would be an honor to display this badge on my sidebar.

It is a good addition to my blogging accomplishments and sponsors will see that as plus points which would be one good factor to be chosen for more blogging opportunities.

Blog Plans

Before the year ends, I want to improve my blog, especially that I wasn't able to work on it for a very very long time already. As you noticed, mostly I have guest posts that keep the blog alive.

This time, I am hoping that I could write at least once a week. I also updated the blog layout so it will be responsive and mobile-friendly. But I still need to improve it.

Aside from that, I will work on growing my followers on social media which is very important.

So I hope you will stay with me this year and in the next years to come!

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