Five Signs You Have a Child Genius at Home

Parenting a genius child might seem quite confusing to some of you.

Indeed, having a different kid at home – no matter how positive this difference is – can be frustrating. Though, if you know how to approach such a kid, you might meet more benefits than disadvantages of having a genius kid.

The key to be understanding and kind – something we all appreciate when it comes to parenting regardless the kid is a genius or a regular one. Though, with such a kid you also need to be supportive. Most gifted kids tend to be perfectionists so they will criticize themselves in a big manner.

Five Signs You Have a Child Genius at Home

Apart from these, try to be a regular mum or dad when it comes to love and caresses. Many parents take their genius kids like grown-ups. Thus, the kids are raised with no kindness and fewer endearments. If you follow these tips, you will benefit a lot.

Having a genius child means not worrying about school progress and your kid’s future. It also means an extra help for your housekeeping and even lifetime chores. Last, but not least, a genius child has always been the biggest source of motivation and inspiration for a parent. But how to tell that your kid is gifted, too? Here are some signs you need to be careful about.

1. A genius child has genius memory

One of the biggest signs that your kid is different and intellectually gifted is the memory it has. Unusual memory can be observed even from the earliest age. For instance, if you kid that is under a year behaves with the same person (out of your home, like a grandmother or the aunt) the same way.

Also, fast song learning and ability to speak few languages by the age of 4 (even few words of these languages) are also signs to remember. And something else – know that having a good memory is regarded as a useful skill at virtually any age.

2. Any genius child prefers to communicate with older people

Whether it is a kid that is five years older or even an adult, your kid seems to prefer her or him more than the screaming crowd of children at the same age. A genius kid has advanced both: emotionally and intellectually faster. So what thrills the kids from your kid’s age does not bother your kid anymore.

You will find yourself talking about serious subjects with your kid. And eventually, it will not be either weird or strange to you. On the contrary – you will have quite interesting and even relaxing conversations with your genius child. And by its teen ages, your kid might even start advising you, which is strange for a teen, right?

Signs You Have a Child Genius

3. Less sleeping hours, more possible for having a genius child

Indeed, having a newborn that cannot sleep at all might be the nightmare to any new parent. However, don’t rush to curse yourself. As this insomnia or short sleep might be a sign of something good, something extraordinary in a positive way – you’ve got a genius child.

Experts claim that these children’s brain is too stimulated. So they find big difficulties into falling asleep fast, try to create a perfect sleeping environment for your kid. And no matter how hard it is to imagine it these babies think all the time, which is why sleeping isn’t their biggest hobby at all.

4. A genius child is a highly emotional child

If you find your kid too sensitive, be sure that this is one of the biggest signs of having a genius child. We have discovered that emotional kids are with completely different size, structure and even efficiency of their brains.

This is why they are in most cases gifted and talented in artistic skills. And we all know that artists are in most cases genius. Though, if your kid is too emotional and tends to be a genius child, it is not on mandatory for her or him to be great in arts, but in science, also.

5. A genius child is a bookworm

Of course, there are few children that will love reading without having been thought for this hobby since their early age. Most kids that love books usually imitate their parents who also love books. However, a genius child does not need a reading parent to become a bookworm at an early age. Sometimes, this early age might be a pre-school age.

So if you aren’t keen on books, try not to deprive your kids of this pleasure. Remember: be supportive and understanding with your genius child, try to stimulate your kid interest all the time, even when you choose gifts for him.

By all means, having a genius child is a blessing. But to keep such a kid happy and joyful you will have to consider genius ways of parenting, too. Don’t worry – sometimes, a little bit hugging plus happy family activity night is entirely enough!

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