How Do You Use a Baby Food Pouch?

Have you tried using a baby food pouch?

You know. That little package that contains purees from different vegetables and fruits. And apparently, it is for babies.

Basically, it is an instant baby food which we can give to the babies so they will stop wailing "hungry."

How Do You Use a Baby Food Pouch?

For most parents, using a baby food pouch makes feeding a lot easier with the assurance that we are giving our kids a healthy meal. Every package has a label which will tell us what the ingredients are. Hence, we are aware what the food is made of.

Aside from that, we have to make sure that the package is BPA-free polypropylene. Some of these pouches have spouts. What are these for? Can babies just suck their puree out of the pouch?

Well, some parents do that.

But here is some news for you. 

There is a better way to use a baby food pouch. Here's how:

Empty the puree into a bowl.

Although the spouts are intended to let the baby directly suck from it, it would be better to empty the puree into a bowl. Yes, this is indeed a better way of using this instant baby food.

I know it's an instant food. But it doesn't mean that you will just give it to your kiddo and you'll be like "here you go buddy, suck it up!" NOPE.

Your kids will be able to consume it in a better manner if you empty it into a bowl and give him a spoon. And oh, if the kid cannot eat on his own, then feed him. That would be an amazing part of your mommy-baby bonding.

This is the reason why other baby food pouches don't come with a spout.

use baby food pouch

Let the baby sit.

This is very important.

If your child loves to suck that puree out of the pouch, then go ahead.

BUT make sure that you let him sit down. Do not let your child walk around while sucking because this may cause choking.

Also, you have to let them understand that they need to sit while eating a meal or a snack. This way, you won't be running around with them during meal time.

baby food pouch

Give him finger foods.

Aside from that, do not just stick to mere purees. Give your baby finger foods from time to time.

But, hey, NO French Fries. Okay? Okay.

If they can already consume it, give them soft food like mango or avocado. Or maybe even long pieces of toast.

Cook baby food from time to time.

Avoid relying on puree pouches all the time. Allocate some time to prepare food for your precious little one whom you carried inside you for nine months.

This way, your child will be able to try different textures and flavors. Also, it would be a healthy for the baby too.

baby food

Try different flavors.

Babies are human beings. They have taste buds, too.

Have you ever tried eating the same meal over and over again? For sure, you will feel like gagging when you eat it for like the fifth time in a row.

Therefore, you have to give your child a different flavor from time to time. This way, they won't get tired of eating the same food.

And it would be healthy for them and these will develop their taste preferences.

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To wrap up, see to it that when you use a baby food pouch, you are not just helping yourself by reducing your time spent for food preparation. Make sure that you put the baby's sake first.

Food pouches can actually be ultimate lifesavers for parents. And it can also be a lifesaver for babies too especially that this is a healthy option. But also see to it that you do not compromise the child's development when it comes to eating and that you are able to teach then healthy eating habits.

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