11 Bedroom Decor Decisions that Will Open Up Your Space

Apartment living can sometimes be tough. Usually, there is not enough space for all the belongings you have. You can sometimes feel claustrophobic in the small space you have. 

There are some decor decisions that will make your space feel much larger than what space you actually have. If you follow some of the tips below, your small space will soon feel like twice the size of these space saving and expanding decor decisions.

1. Make Your Walls Work Overtime

Try using a space-saving wall desk to maximize the space in your room. Attaching a desk to a wall frees up floor space and makes your room look bigger because it’s not being cramped or cluttered with a stand-alone desk on the floor. 

Another great way to maximize space is by hanging up shelves, usually, long shelves work the best. This frees up floor space and adds an element of decoration to your walls.

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2. Use Double Duty Finds

Another great way to free up space is by using double-duty furniture and accessories. For example, using a long shelf as a desk and a shelf maximizes space. 

Another great idea is to get a bed that has ample under bed storage, not only does this give you more space, but it also gives you more storage space, which is great if you have a small apartment.

Here are some great ideas for things you can do.

3. Hang an Expandable Rack

This is another great way to open up your space and allow for more storage. An expandable rack works fantastic for clothes, towels and other little things that can take up space. 

These can also be a decorative element to your space as well, you don’t necessarily have to have a boring cheap, expandable rack, try finding something a bit more vibrant that fits in your space.

4. Use Every Inch of Storage Space

When it comes to apartment living, using every inch of storage space is an absolute must, the less clutter you have and the more things are put away the bigger your space is going to look, especially in a bedroom when you are already working with tight quarters.

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5. Use Mounted Wall Lights

A great way to save space, add wall decoration and give your, most likely dull-light apartment life and light. You save space on nightstands and dressers and floor space by not having lights with stands. You can also add your own personal touch and pick wall mounted lights that really pop with the decor in your room.

6. Use More Space Friendly Furniture

By using a storage bed, a wall mounted desk or even wall mounted nightstands you are freeing up a lot of floor space and this will ultimately make your tiny bedroom look a lot bigger than it actually is.

7. An intelligent color palette

Colour plays a big part in how we perceive space. Light, pastel colors feel open and spacious while dark colors can make a room feel intimate and cozy. If you want to open a space up go for whites, light blues, and other pastel colors. 

This can be done relatively inexpensively as the greatest surface area space in your bedroom, other than the floor and walls is your bed. Simply choose light colored bed linen to begin your color palette and you are a good part of the way there. But ensure you always take exceptional care of your sheets, otherwise, any effect you design your room with by using your linen will quickly deteriorate.

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8. Use Smart Furniture

This goes along with using space friendly furniture but is taking it a step further. Trying choosing not so bulky pieces and pieces of furniture that have multi-purposes and don’t take up an exorbitant amount of space and lack function.

9. Hang Drapes as High as You Can

A great way to give illusion that your space is much larger than it appears to be is by hanging up drapes higher than the actual height of the window, especially in older buildings windows may be low to the ground and instead of making your space open up, the drapes to the height of the window can actually make your room look smaller. Try hanging them up higher and your space will definitely open up and have the illusion of being much larger.

10. Double Your Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are another great way to give an illusion of space because of the reflections. Don’t go too crazy and place a lot of mirrors in one room, a tastefully placed mirror can do a lot of good for your small space.

bedroom mirrors

11. Put Your Closet in Plain Sight

Using an armoire or a wardrobe for your closet can not only add an element of furniture and decor, but it can also be a space saver and draw your attention. It can help to open up storage and alleviate any clutter in a room.

Image Credit: Crescent Home, House on Belle Island, Clean Design, The Church Conversion

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