How You Can Save Money If You Have a Large Family

Having a large family around you is an amazing experience, not only do you always have someone with you when you are scared, but you are also never alone when you are feeling down. 

Another great thing about large families is the holidays; everyone being together and sharing special memories is just what holidays are all about, especially when you're young.

Along with all the good times, there are, however, some things you must do to keep the family running smoothly. The money will always be tight if you have a lot of mouths to feed, although that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having fun. 

If you can save money as a family, you will then be able to enjoy all the good experiences as well.

Save Money

Make Saving Money a Game

Children love to be competitive, and if you give them a group challenge, it will make them even more so. There are many ways that your kids can help you to save money around the house. Challenge them to try and save $20 on the electricity in a week; you can give them some tips such as turning off the lights but also encourage them to think of ideas for themselves.

If they manage to achieve the goal, then treat them to a special meal or present as a reward. It doesn’t have to be a big present, just the challenge itself will be reward enough. You can also ask them to help you with the weekly groceries; for example, task them to find cheaper alternatives or food that’s on special offer. Give them a goal to save $5 or more and see how they get on. Not only will it help them to understand about budgeting, but it will also make them shrewd consumers.

Save Money on Regular Purchases

Just because you have always paid the same price for things in the past, doesn’t mean you cannot save money now. You should regularly check your purchases to make sure you cannot get them cheaper somewhere else. For example, if you always buy wood from a certain supplier, try and see if you can get it cheaper from another supplier. Even if you can’t, at least you are looking, and next time, you might be successful.

Another area that can cost money is prescription drugs, if you or someone in the family needs regular medication, it can cost a lot of money. Of course, you cannot change the drugs they take; however, you might be able to find it at a better price. You can compare drug prices of the medicines you regularly take to see if there are cheaper suppliers that you can use instead.

How You Can Save Money

Be Self Sufficient Where You Can

Even better than finding things cheaper, are having things for free that you have done yourselves. Although it is difficult to be completely self-sufficient, there are areas that you can switch to become more independent. One area is food; there are many fruits and vegetables that you can grow to provide food for you, especially over the winter.

Because you have a large family, they can all help to get the land ready and pick the crops as well. It will go a long way to reducing your grocery bills and you can also easily become organic if you choose. Another area that you can become independent is with electricity. Although you will need to spend money initially to have solar panels fitted, once they are installed, you will be making your own electricity.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Better Deals

There may be some things that you and your family simply cannot live without. Although not having cable television or streaming services will save you a lot of money, you might not be able to deal with the fallout from your kids. If that’s the case, then why not try and get the best deal you can? Speak to your telephone or TV provider and tell them that you are thinking of canceling as they cost too much.

Many big companies don’t want to lose their loyal customers, so they might offer you a discount or a better deal to try and keep you. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also have a happy household.

How You Can Save Money If You Have a Large Family

Keep a Money Diary

You might think that you are aware of the money that comes in and out of your home, however, there may be little things that over time add up to a lot of expenditure. It is a good idea to keep a money diary for at least a week if not a month. In it, you need to write down every cent that you and your family spend. Although it can be a pain to keep such a detailed diary, when you look back at it, you might be surprised. You may not realize that you are spending so much money on parking or those coffees you have with friends. Once you can see where the money is going, it is easier to try and save.

Become More Organized

Having a big family means you are always trying to keep up with the school run, after-school activities and all the other jobs you must do. That is why trying to be as organized as possible will help you in the long run, because you need to know where everything is if you need it. Keep all your receipts and bills in a filing cabinet where you can find them. Try sorting them into year order and food, entertainment, car and so on.

By having them organized, you won’t be running around when you need to find the receipt for that faulty kettle. As well as your bills, organizing your family’s events is also a good way to stay in order. Have a calendar with all your family’s activities and appointments, and make sure you add to it as things come up. That way not only will you know what’s happening, but so will they. By looking for the bargains and staying organized, you can help save your family money and still be able to pay for the important things.

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