Pet-Friendly Decorating Ideas to Protect Your Home

Having pets can be a wonderful addition to the family, especially if you have children. However, they can also cause issues in your home, particularly when they are young. 

With puppies, it could be chewing, and with cats, it could be clawing and scratching. To protect your home, you can make a few changes to make it pet-friendly. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on animal toys, just a few things can make a difference.

Pet-Friendly Decorating Ideas to Protect Your Home

Try to Avoid Carpets

When you have a puppy or kitten, you will inevitably have the odd accidenton the floor, especially when they are being toilet trained. If you have carpet throughout your home, you might find that it can get stained or start to smell, even if you thoroughly clean it every time. 

If you want to have carpet, then try to have a short pile that can be cleaned easily. You might also think about carpet tiles; you can then swap out any dirty ones with new ones.

Alternative Flooring

Instead of carpets, the best thing you can have on your floor is a hard surface such as tiles or wood. You can also go for something like painted concrete if dealing with a utility room, as it is durable and easy to clean. Whatever type of flooring you choose, get one that is not porous, and is water sealed. It means that if the floor does need repeated washing, it won’t damage the surface of the floor.

Pet-Friendly Decorating Ideas<

An Animal Room Near the Entrance

If you have dogs, you will know what can happen on a walk, particularly if it's muddy. Trying to get your animal into the house and keep everything clean is not easy, so why not set up an animal room near the entrance? It can be a durable, washable room that has access to water, so you can clean your animals off before going into the house. 

You can also utilize it as a washroom for when they need to be washed. If you have more than one dog, then getting a good-sized dog crate from places like Pet Crates Direct means you can have one in the crate while you clean the other. That way, you won’t get covered in more mud as you wash your dogs.

Buy Easy Clean Fabrics

For the same reason you want hard floors, your upholstery can get dirty and smelly when you have animals around. By getting sofas and chairs with easy-to-clean fabrics and a good stain guard, you can minimize the amount of cleaning and damage to your furniture. If you have pet beds, then covering them in a washable fabric will also mean that you can keep them clean and prevent odors.

Pets are a valuable addition to the household; they can bring companionship and love into a family and help children learn how to take care of animals. With a little work, you can make your home clean and safe for all of you.

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