Your Kids Really Do Like Vegetables - They Just Don’t Know It Yet

Getting a child who swears that he or she doesn’t like vegetables can be comical from the outside looking in, but it is a real battle for dedicated parents. Starting children off early when it comes to eating healthy is important for an abundance of reasons. First, kids that eat balanced diets get the proper amount of vitamins that are necessary for physical growth and brain development.

Second, eating healthy at an early age also helps kids eat better when they grow up. Visiting will aid you in finding ways to involve your children in the vegetable growing process so they can see the importance in eating better. Kids often avoid eating vegetables because they look scary or weird or just plain strange at first. Show your children that vegetables are unique and special by helping them grow a garden.

Planning a Garden for a Child

Children can get a lot of joy out of watching a vegetable grow from a seed until it is big enough to harvest. They’ll be enthusiastic about eating a salad made from the same cucumbers that they grew themselves. 

Find a small spot where your child can plant a few vegetable plants. Teach your child how to water his or her plants and then prepare for the harvest. Start with the essentials of a basic salad and your child will get plenty of nutrition while also becoming more interested in growing vegetables.

Have Your Child Prepare Fresh Vegetable Dishes

Roasted carrots, squash stir-fry, and steamed broccoli all have something in common. Fresh vegetable dishes only need a bit of seasoning to taste good and kids can easily identify all of their ingredients. 

Ask your child to wash off a few carrots and invite him or her to take a bite before you make your next vegetable dish. Once your child discovers that he or she enjoys fresh vegetables in their raw state, it will be much, much easier to serve them up, hot and fresh.

Point Out Vegetables at the Grocery Store

The next time that you go food shopping, make sure that you bring your child along for a fun adventure. You can make a game out of identifying fresh fruits and vegetables, picking up the varieties that your child is still unfamiliar with. Once your child knows that spinach and lettuce may look similar but taste very different, you won’t have to contend with any tantrums at the dinner table.

You can eventually get children to eat vegetables, but also remember that it is natural for them to not like everything. Adults are allowed to have their own preferences, so don’t force your children to eat vegetables that they genuinely find unpalatable. 

With a lot of coaxing and general encouragement, you’ll find your kids eating their vegetables first and making a big deal about making a happy plate. Turn your child’s mealtime meltdowns into a time for celebration by slowly introducing new vegetables and allowing your kids to enjoy their raw and fresh flavors.

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