6 Common Foot Problems in Children and Their Treatment Options

Children today are busier than ever with commitments to sports, academics and other social activities. With so much going on, it is easy not to notice when your child is having issues with their feet. It may not be all that obvious! 

It can be easy to mistake growing pains with a real issue that should be checked out by a doctor. Read on to discover that there are six common foot problems in children, and learn at what point your child may need to be seen by a doctor. These issues can be hereditary or they can develop over time, but it is important to look for signs that your child might be suffering from a foot problem.


Kids feet problems range in terms of pain. One problem that many kids have issues with is flatfeet. This may be something that your child inherits, and is characterized by a lack of arches on your feet. Because of this lack of an arch, your child may exhibit issues with balance or they may have issues walking. 

This might not always be a painful condition but should be closely monitored in case your child does exhibit some issues with pain. You will also learn at what point you should find a podiatrist for children to help treat your child's foot pain.

Severs Disease

Heel pain in children who are involved in sports is something to be looking out for. If your child complains of heel pain, they might be suffering from Severs Disease. If left untreated and this heel pain continues, your child might develop issues with walking.


One ailment that is common in children's feet problems is clubfoot. Your child would have likely been diagnosed with this at birth, as it is often noticed early on. Newborns who suffer from clubfoot will typically be treated with a cast and then a special type of shoe to wear as they get older.

Tarsal Coalitions

Foot pain in children should be taken very seriously. Their condition might not be readily visible to the eye, one such condition is Tarsal Coalitions. This can occur when two or more tarsals (bones in your foot) join together, which is not typical. 

This condition usually affects older children, and if your child is affected you might notice they are not showing much interest in playing or putting much pressure on their foot. Doing normal, everyday activities might prove to be too painful for them.

Growth Plate Injuries

If you have a particularly active young child, who is typically bouncing off the walls and occasionally gets hurt, one thing to keep in mind is an injury to their growth plate. The growth plate can get sprained, and the bone can become deformed. If you suspect a growth plate injury seek medical attention from a kid’s podiatrist.


You might not think children get bunions, but this is a common foot problem at any age. If your child has a bunion that is causing a lot of pain in their foot, they might need a minimally invasive procedure done by a certified doctor to treat them.

Common Foot Problems in Children

Treatment Options

● Orthotics
● Special Shoes
● Minor surgical procedures
● Rest

Some of these foot problems can be cured with something as simple as resting and not aggravating the issue. Other times, a special shoe or some orthotics will be the answer. You will know when it is time to see a doctor if your child's foot pain is interfering with their everyday life. If doing basic household chores, or playing with their friends or going to soccer practice ends with them in tears it is time to find a podiatrist.

The time to recover will vary based on the type of issue your child suffers from and will also depend on the treatment options available for their particular issue. While no parent wants to hear that their child might need to undergo surgery, sometimes this will be the best option to correct a lasting problem. If your child complains of foot pain, be sure to listen and ask questions!

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