Can a Man Show a #TouchOfCare to a Stranger? [VIDEO]

For sure you will agree with me that not everything in this world is constant. It is even said that the only constant thing is change.

If something or someone changes, there is always something big that will lead to that. Oftentimes, it is unexpected and the results are very surprising.

This happened to a man named Hernando whose story is featured in a heartwarming commercial from Vicks. Watch the story below, but before you do that, do not forget to get your tissues!

This is a very touching story of Hernando's transformation. Who would think that someone like him, who appears to have a rock solid heart, actually has a soft spot in it? Isn't it amazing that the orphan managed to touch that small soft spot in his heart and totally made his heart soft? Isn't it touching that he took care of the child even if it's not his? Isn't it inspiring that he changed his ways in order to give the child a better life?

Well, everything is actually amazing, touching and inspiring! This shows us that once someone cares, everything else follows. Nothing really beats the beauty that love and care could bring to this world.

The video makes me think that if one man can change for the better, why can't others do the same? This shows us that everyone still has a chance and a time for transformation and self-improvement.

Nope, you do not need to adopt a child to do that. Just listen to that soft part of your heart and you will no doubt feel something different. Anything can happen once the heart starts doing its miracles.

Aside from the good portrayal of the actor, I also like the idea that they just added Vick Vapor Rub in a subtle way! At first, you will not figure out that it is actually for the product because of how beautiful the story is!

Showing Care 

Hernando cared for the child who was left alone by his parents and he raised him like his real son. Although they are not connected by blood, he did his best to take care of him. In fact, he looked for a job so he can keep the child and feed the child.

Caring for other people may not be something that most of us could do like the extent of care that Hernando did. But for sure, we care about our own children and our family.

How do we do that?

There are so many ways to show our family that we care for them. We make sure that they eat the right healthy food. We see to it that their clothes are clean and presentable. We want them to look good and feel good about themselves.

We don't want them to get sick. That is why we give them vitamins and medicines when needed. But we don't just do this for the children- even to our partners and parents.

Personally, I make sure that my children feel good before they go to sleep. Aside from cleaning them and letting them drink milk, I read stories and give them a little massage. Putting Vicks Vapor Rub on their feet before putting socks, becomes a routine every night. And this makes them feel really better.

It is just fulfilling on our part to see that the people we care for are happy because we took care of them.

And if there are times that you get tired, try to remember the story of Hernando. He showed love to a stranger, who eventually touched his life and changed the way he lives.

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