8 Reasons to Carry a Charging Backpack While Traveling Abroad

It is easy to associate traveling internationally with the simple life. Smartphones don’t make things much simpler, though. Unfortunately, no device can relieve you of the constant social pressure or 24-7 connectedness. A wireless phone charger can, however, help you avoid the problems associated with charging your phone during international trips.

Charging Backpack

Why You Should Bring a Charging Backpack When You Travel Abroad

1. A TYLT charging backpack helps you travel light. You don’t need to bring a separate charger or electrical outlet converter.
2. You don’t have to spend time shopping for an electrical outlet converter in stores or online.
3. With your phone charged, you can use your phone’s payment app anywhere during your travels. You don’t have to bother with travelers’ checks or worry that your U.S. debit card will not work.
4. The benefits of a charging backpack for travel are also social ones. You can make friends while charging the phones of fellow backpackers.

TYLT charging backpack

5. Your backpack portable charger is great for the environment. You will make a good impression when you visit environmentally conscious countries.
6. When you don’t have to stop to charge your backpack, you can cover more ground. You can visit as many countries as possible during your limited vacation time.
7. The space in your backpack not occupied by a charger is now available for a gift for a friend.
8. When your backpack is your charger, you don’t have to risk losing a charger by leaving it behind in a hostel.

TYLT has wireless chargers to suit every kind of traveler, not just backpackers. If backpacks aren’t your style, TYLT also has wireless chargers for your briefcase or designer luggage. You can find wireless chargers and other convenient accessories on the TYLT website.

But if you are not comfortable with carrying a backpack, you can always look for the best luggage brands and pick the ones that are suitable for your needs. What's important is that you will have a fun and comfortable trip, wherever you may go!


  1. This is interesting. Haven't heard of a backpack charger. True enough if you are always on the go, your mobile battery performance is a top priority. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, knowing that this TYLT backpack has wireless chargers and also has wireless chargers for briefcase or designer luggage, this is so interesting. I haven't heard about this one and you're a blessing as I'm looking something like this. Very convenient, helpful and user friendly. I love that you have elucidated it very well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great backpack. I always travel light & prefer a backpack. This charging backpack really amazing & convenience for travellers or those always on the go. Gonna check it out, perhaps to own one too. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  4. Unfortunately, many air carriers are leery of bags with their own built in outer banks. Speaking as a travel writer, I'd prefer to carry separate power banks to forestall getting offloaded due to my bags! That's just me, though.

  5. This is a fascinating concept. I've never heard of a charging backpack. All the reasons above make it a worthwhile purchase. Imagine saving time and space with such a backpack. I imagine it could also be a great conversation starter as well.

  6. That's a great feature on a backpack! Do you run into security issues on the plane while using this? Since I remember a charging luggage before which faced security issues. How big is the power capacity of the bag and how long does it take to charge? Will definitely check this out :)

  7. I am sorry, I could not understand how this product works. Maybe you would like to explain the product benefits in greater detail for all of us. You may also like to add some video to make a product demo.

  8. Oh, this backpack looks pretty interesting much like the anti theft bag that I saw last year. Wait-how do you charge the backpack then? much like how you would charge a powerbank?

    I would love this for travels cause then I won't have to worry about losing my powerbanks. I think I had lost 2 already in different hotels. <3