A Fun Bubble Soccer Game Equipment from BlueInflatable.com

Are you looking for a unique activity to enjoy with the family and friends?

There are so many outdoor activities that you can do during the day or even during night time. But if you want to have fun while the sun is up, why don't you try bubble soccer?

Bubble soccer is one of the most famous inflatable sports equipment that began as a funny joke, with very few people taking it seriously. And among those few were its founders, Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden who launched it in 2011, in Norway. 

This bubble ball is put on by every participant on the two teams competing, including the substitutes. It only encircles the human upper body, that is to say, the head up to the knees including the arms. This indicates that the only free body parts are the legs which are very useful in kicking the soccer ball as well as supporting the body.

Bubble Soccer Game

The bubble soccers combined with a soccer ball create an amazing sports environment for the participants to play without worrying about getting injured. This sport involves players from opposing teams bumping into each other with their bubble balls. 

This, in turn, causes them to fall and bounce across the field. This is truly the magic moment that every player yearns to have as it gives them pleasuring thrills, which make them laugh and smile unconditionally. Nevertheless, players are advised to wear standard sports attire and shoes without cleats before putting on the bubble. They are also restricted from wearing eyeglasses/sunglasses and jewelry during the game.

Bubble Soccer

Besides having fun, this bubble soccer enables players to work out their bodies extensively. This makes them sweat and get rid of toxins out of the body. The workouts have proved worth it as they improve the players' physical fitness and general health. 

This ball is also perfect for families and friends day out at weddings, stag & hen parties, children’s functions, corporate events, church functions, festivals, anniversaries, and any other social occasion. 

However, it is only restricted from those below 11 years old and those with severe claustrophobia, nausea, asthma, vertigo, heart attacks, and the pregnant women. Aside from this, you can also have fun using a zorb ball. For further information, don't hesitate to reach BlueInflatable.com

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