Tips For Breaking In New Shoes So They Don't Hurt Your Feet

Slipping your feet into a brand-new pair of shoes can be a wonderful experience. From high-heels to orthopedic shoes, there are countless different styles to choose from.

The right pair of shoes can provide the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. They can also give your feet the proper amount of support when you are working out or if you suffer from a condition that affects your foot health. Whatever type of shoes you purchase, it is important to break them in before you wear them. Otherwise, you may wind up with blisters, sore spots, and pain.

We are passionate about shoes and want to make sure that you love every pair that you own. To that end, we have put together some helpful tips on breaking in new shoes so that they won't wind up hurting your feet.

Five Tips For Breaking In A New Pair Of Shoes

If you are looking forward to wearing your new shoes but don't want to experience any pain, try using these tips to break them in.

Tips For Breaking In New Shoes So They Don't Hurt Your Feet

Wear Them Indoors

The best way to start breaking in a new pair of shoes is by wearing them around your house. When you are indoors, you typically don't walk very far. That means that you can start helping your shoes conform to your feet without committing to wearing them for a long period of time.

The first time you wear them, try to keep them on for approximately an hour. Then, take them off and allow your feet to rest. Repeat that process several times before moving on to the next step.

Put Them On When You Go For Groceries

The next part of the process is to wear them out for short trips. For instance, when you run to the grocery store to pick up a few groceries, try slipping them on and wearing them out of the house.

This will give you a chance to continue breaking in your shoes without having to wear them for a long period of time. Chances are, they still will feel comfortable on your feet by the time you are done shopping for groceries since you won't have to walk very far. Take the shoes off again when you get back home.

Try Stretching Them With Heat

Shoes that are too small can often be stretched to make them fit more comfortably. Although you can have a professional do this, you can also try to do it yourself with the assistance of heat.

Use a hairdryer on the lowest setting to heat up your shoes by directing the air inside of them.

Next, put on two pairs of thick socks and slip your feet into the shoes while they are still warm. This will make the process of stretching them out a lot easier, helping to prevent discomfort.

Once the shoes cool off, they should hold their shape, making them a little bit looser on your feet.

Always Wear Socks With Your New Shoes

For the first few days after you get a new pair of shoes, you should always wear socks with them.

Until they are broken in, most new shoes will rub in certain places against your feet. This can cause blisters to form. The best way to avoid this is by cushioning your feet with a nice pair of socks. Even though you might feel a little bit silly, you should put on socks when breaking in any pair of shoes including sandals, pumps, or dress shoes. Obviously, if you have received a pair of OluKai sandals then socks and sandals isn’t a good look.

After they are broken in, you can lose the socks and wear them the way that they were designed to be worn.

Start Extending The Amount Of Time That You Wear Your Shoes

As your shoes start to feel more comfortable, begin wearing them for longer and longer stretches of time. Just make sure to proceed slowly so that you don't wind up getting blisters or damaging your feet.

Eventually, they will become comfortable enough that you can wear them as long as you need to without needing to give your feet a break in between.

Once your shoes are properly broken in, you can wear them anywhere with confidence, knowing that your feet will stay comfortable and pain-free. It is well worth breaking your shoes in slowly so that you can enjoy wearing them every time you put them on your feet.

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