5 Party Themes for Kids To Try in 2018

All parties are special, but there's something extra-exciting — something almost magical — about kids parties, and furthermore, most adults want to make these parties as riveting and memorable as possible. The trouble is that doing so can prove challenging, especially when the responsibilities associated with sending invitations, ordering food, selecting a venue, and setting up are considered.

The following five party themes for kids are sure to impress all those in attendance (including the adults!) while alleviating some of the stress of the planning process.

Let's take a look!

Party Themes for Kids

1. Treasure Hunt/Animal Safari

Outdoor kids parties and gatherings, and specifically, those with a treasure hunt and/or animal safari theme, are arguably more popular (and beloved by children) than ever before. The reasons so many individuals get excited for outdoor kids parties like those described aren't difficult to understand: the sun is shining, there's plenty of space to run around, there's more room for games to be played, and interacting with all the guests is a breeze (because of the open layout).

To throw a successful treasure hunt/animal safari party, consider hiring an animal-handling professional (who will showcase a variety of creatures for the guests to see) and/or arranging a treasure hunt, or a pre-planned, adult-led search for a prize (probably candy!) that the kids conduct by collectively responding to clues and suggesting plans of action. Appropriate decorations will also add to the strength of the theme.

2. Games, Games, Games!

Game-themed parties are all the rage today, and for good reason—nearly every single individual on earth loves playing games! Furthermore, the open-ended nature of this, one of the most beloved party themes for kids, means that planners can arrange their parties as they see fit; each guest can bring a board game, a variety of video game consoles can be set-up, games that can be played by all the guests simultaneously can be arranged, or some hybrid of these choices can be settled upon.

Whatever type of game(s) a party planner decides upon, it's important to remember that this theme almost always brings fun.

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3. Balloon Bonanza

Balloons are timeless; they've been integral ingredients in the recipe for successful parties for countless years, and it looks as though they'll continue to play the role for quite a while to come.

Why, then, shouldn't a kids party capitalize on this near-universal affection for balloons by making them the central party theme?

Balloon Bonanza parties are made possible, it should be noted, by the fact that the helium tank takes the hassle out of party balloons; party planners won't have to spend an arm and a leg on balloons or dedicate all their time to inflating them, if they have a helium tank, as the tool is capable of inflating a stunning number of balloons in a short period of time.

Consider offering prizes for "winners" in games such as balloon bounce (or a contest to see which guest can bounce his or her balloon in the air the longest), balloon pop (who can pop the most balloons in a minute), partner balloon bounce, and more.

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4. Drone Fun

Today's drones are more capable and affordable than those of the past, and as such, it's possible for party planners to spend the same amount on a fleet of introductory drones (complete with functional controls and HD video capabilities) as they would on a party center, replacing the latter setting with a backyard. Races, trick competitions, and simple high-flying adventures are sure to entertain attendees at a drone-themed kids party.

It should also be noted that the drone has become one of the most exciting party themes for boys and one of the most exciting party themes for girls; each and every child, as well as his or her guests, can have fun with the aerial machines.

5. Winter Wonderland

Last but certainly not least, winter party can be based on a Winter Wonderland theme. Such parties include snow-themed games (snow-painting, snowman building contests, snowball fights, and perhaps sled riding, if the setting permits) and plenty of hot chocolate and indoor time. With that said, these celebrations also make the most out of the cold and encourage children to enjoy themselves while playing outside—something more and more kids seem to be opposed to doing.

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These party themes have been big hits for an abundance of kids, and there's an awesome chance they'll also impress you, your child, and your guests. Thanks for reading and good luck!

Party Themes for Kids To Try

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