5 Tips for Building a Greenhouse

A greenhouse, or a glasshouse, is a transparent building where plants are grown. They're built with glass walls and roofs and are specially made to cultivate plants that require a controlled environment. They serve as a shield between your plants and nature, minimizing any destructive impact it may have, and improving your yield as well.

Building a greenhouse of your own has a lot of benefits. It gives you easy access to fresh fruits and greens, and it opens up a lot of possibilities as to what plant can be grown. Because of a controlled environment, you can explore growing exotic plants, and a lot more types you wouldn’t normally be able to because of natural weather conditions. If you’re looking into building your own greenhouse, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 tips for building one that you'll surely learn from:

5 Tips for Building a Greenhouse

1. Look for the perfect spot

Location is one of the first things you need to settle before starting to build anything. Choosing the perfect spot for your greenhouse is critical for a lot of reasons. You want to choose an area with maximum exposure to sunlight as it promotes growth. Most of the time, it is located in the home's backyard. A shady place won’t do good for your plants. Setup your greenhouse to face the morning sun if possible. And make sure it’s exposed to healthy sunlight for at least six hours each day.

2. Determine the size of your structure

After finalizing the perfect location for your greenhouse next is to determine how big ta space it’s going to take. Budget is a big consideration in determining space, as well the actual size of your yard. If your first time to get a greenhouse, work on how much your budget can afford you. 

Also put some leeway for future expansion, in case you want to grow your greenhouse in the following years. Don’t be afraid to go big, especially if you can afford it and you’re really dedicated to it. A lot of newbie gardeners build very conservative sizes at first, only to wish they had more space later on.

Building a Greenhouse

3. Decide whether you want to DIY or buy a kit

Unless you have experience in woodworking and have some materials to spare, then you can probably consider getting a greenhouse kit instead. They’re, of course, more expensive than doing it yourself, but if you’re just starting out and wants something that can be set up quickly and efficiently, premade greenhouse kits are a good choice. 

Eden Greenhouses offers beautiful models that fit perfectly in your yard. Kits come in different sizes, from something as small as 4x4ft to something as wide as 10ft. You’re sure to find the perfect size. Premade kits are easy to assemble and are equipped with sturdy features and a reliable ventilation system to it’s perfect for a quick start.

greenhouse tips

4. Build a solid foundation

Laying the foundation is the first step in any building process. Even if you’re just setting up a purchased kit, you still need to prepare the base it’s going to stand on. There are several types of foundations you can choose from. There’s compacted soil/earth which provides good drainage and is cost-effective (you can use your existing ground). 

You can also use a perimeter base as a foundation for the greenhouse frame and leave the central floor open to expose the ground. The more expensive options would be to use slabs or concrete pads. They last a long time and provides a simple and clean environment for your plants, but you’re limited to growing on grow bags and pots.

5. Choose your type of materials

Greenhouses can be made using an array of materials. For the frames, you can get either wood, aluminum, PVC, resin, etc. The panels come in an assortment of types as well. You can choose from a selection of glass and plastic. Polycarbonate is something worth considering though, as it’s very sturdy, almost unbreakable, and allows light to fully come in while filtering out ultraviolet rays.

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