Five Creative Backyard Ideas for Kids on a Budget

One of the most important things for your child's development is playing outdoors. The best way to encourage plenty of outdoor time is to have an inviting space in your backyard for your children to play. Thankfully, a fun backyard does not have to cost a fortune with these creative backyard ideas for kids on a budget.

Backyard Ideas for Kids

1. DIY Sandbox

If you are looking for simple, yet creative backyard ideas for kids, go no further than buying a few bags of sand. All kids love sandboxes and they can be made very simply with some scrap wood that you have laying around or some extra rocks.

Use wood or rocks to make a space for the sand and voila! You have your own sandbox right in your backyard. Not only is this cheaper than buying a sandbox, but you can make it much bigger for many kids to enjoy. You can also add a wooden umbrella to shield your kids from sunlight.

2. Homemade Swings

Going to the park is always fun, but sometimes kids love to have some of that fun right in their own space. A homemade tire swing could be a great way to let your kids have some fun and recycle one of your old tires. All you need is an old tire and some rope.

If you are really looking to go all out, you could make a homemade zip line by attaching some rope from a play set to a tree. Be sure to do your research to ensure that the zip line is safe, but you will quickly find that this little project can be a simple and cost-effective way to add some excitement to your backyard.

5 Creative Backyard Ideas for Kids on a Budget

3. Built-in Snacks

Plant a few berry bushes as a way to give your kids something to care for... and eat! Raspberry bushes are relatively easy to care for and your kids can help you plant and water them. This is one of the great activities to teach children the responsibility of caring for living things. Plus, this will provide a delicious, healthy snack right in your own backyard.

4. DIY Splash Pad

Kids love splash pads and what could be better than having one in your own backyard? Unlike a swimming pool, a DIY splash pad is an idea that takes a little cost and space. Plus, if you build your own splash pad, you will likely save money since you will not have to pay to visit your local one. 

There are plenty of great ideas online for DIY splash pads. These can be quite inexpensive because the require simple items like a sprinkler, PVC pipe, and pool noodles. According to The Irrigation Shop, who provides full repair service for water pumps for years, to ensure water safety, the kits should also include equipment such as a chlorinator or a UV light sanitizer.

Backyard Ideas

5. Use Lights for Evening Fun

If you are looking for backyard ideas for older kids, this one is perfect. String some Christmas lights from your deck, playset, or trees. Lights will make your backyard feel magical as it gets dark out and your older kids will love hanging out in this space. Plus, once the kids go to bed, lights are a little addition that the adults can enjoy as well!

Five Creative Backyard Ideas for Kids on a Budget

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