How to Know if Your Partner is Right for You

So, you’ve finally found that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat whenever they walk into the room, and you're wondering if this is the kind of person you can create a future with?

Well, first of all, lucky you!

Being in love is a wondrous thing, but if you’ve had your heart broken before, it’s only natural that you might be a little hesitant to get too emotionally invested. So how can you tell that your partner is right for you?

What are the signs that this is a relationship that could really work? Here are a few!

1. You work well as a team

Life is always going to be full of ups and downs, and these are the times that a couple who works well together really shine. The strongest couples know where each other’s strengths and weaknesses lie, and how to use them to attain the best outcome for both partners. Pay attention the next time you're facing a shared challenge – whether it’s budgeting for next month’s groceries or just taking part in a game with friends! It can be a great indicator that you make a good team.

2. You love traveling together

Taking a trip together is another great opportunity to get to see aspects of your partner you might not get a chance to back home. Whether you're spending a luxurious long weekend away at an opulent and romantic retreat like Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve or just accompanying each other on a business trip, someone you love experiencing new things with and who makes the adventure even more exciting is an excellent indicator that they're good partner material!

3. You're willing to make sacrifices for each other

Doing what’s best for both of you can take a little practice, especially if one or both of you hasn’t been in a relationship for a while. Relationships take work, and they often require both parties to make sacrifices. If you're used to doing whatever takes your fancy with your free time, it can be tough to adjust to a schedule where you need to make time for that special someone too. If your partner is right for you though, they’ll be willing to make the sacrifices that count, and so will you.

4. You can be ‘alone’ together

There’s nothing more draining than a partner who demands your attention 24/7 – and yes ladies, we’re looking at you here! Giving each other space to be an individual is just as important as working well as a unit. Someone you can just hang around with without feeling like you need to be ‘on’ all the time is a big sign that you're working well as a couple!

5. You consider each other’s needs

If your partner always asks if you need something before they head out to the shops, asks you how your day was, and is willing to engage in conversation about your feelings, then we’ve got great news for you! These are all fantastic signs that they truly care about your happiness, and want to take an active role in making your life a little better wherever they can. Make sure you're doing the same!

6. You’re aware of and support each other’s goals

One partner’s success should never come at the expense of the other’s, and while it isn’t always easy to juggle, finding a way for you both to achieve your goals and ambitions is crucial for a relationship to last in the long run. If one of you is feeling left behind and constantly overshadowed, they're going to end up miserable. If your partner takes an active interest in what your hopes and ambitions are, however, then hang onto them!

7. You talk things out

It gets said a lot, but that’s because it’s true! Communication really is the cornerstone of a strong partnership, and without it, you're simply not going to be happy together for long. If your partner is willing to engage on topics that matter to you, even if they don’t find them particularly interesting – this is another great sign! Remember that people communicate in different ways, and it might take a little bit of experimenting to get it right. Whether you sit down over dinner to talk, write each other letters, or offer a backrub rather than an outright apology, it’s the act of communication itself that matters.

Issues are always going to come up, but being willing to face them and talk things out is the single biggest sign that you’ve found someone who’s right for you!

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