Kids Curtain Ideas for the Bedroom

Are you looking for kid's room curtain ideas? Well, there are so many options available. But of course, you can't just pick any curtain! You have to make sure that it compliments the rest of the bedroom's features.

Let your child decide on the bedroom's theme then help him or her choose the decorations and accessories. This includes the table lamp, curtains, wall decors, area rugs, and others.

But today, we will give you some kids blackout curtains that you can choose from. For sure, you can find one that will best suit your child's bedroom.

Take a look at what I got for you:

1. Cute Animal Print Curtain. If your child loves animals, get a Safari or jungle themed bedroom by adding this curtain.

Cute Animal Print Curtain

2. Pink Floral Bedroom Curtain. For your little princess, a pink curtain would be perfect! This curtain brings a feminine touch to the bedroom with those lovely flowers.Or you can also add green curtains with leaves which will add a touch of nature's beauty into the room.

Pink Floral Bedroom Curtain

3. Paw Patrol Paw-some Room Darkening Window Panel. For kids who are fans of Marshall, Skye and the rest of Ryder's rescue team, this would be the best choice.

Paw Patrol Paw-some Room Darkening Window Panel

4. Disney Princesses Grand Beauty Room Darkening Panel. This is a must-have for every Disney Princess fan! A bedroom will not be complete without this.

Disney Princesses Grand Beauty Room Darkening Panel

5. Romantic Starry Sky Blackout Curtains. This curtain will give your child the feeling that stars are falling into his or her bedroom! There are also other versions of curtains with stars. It comes in baby pink and even gray.

Romantic Starry Sky Blackout Curtains

6. Disney Minnie Mouse Dots Curtain Panel. Another one for Disney fans is this Minnie Mouse curtain. Just imagine having everything Minnie Mouse in the bedroom! It would be so awesome!

Disney Minnie Mouse Dots Curtain Panel

7. Dinosaur Curtain. Your kids will roar with joy if you add this cute dinosaur printed curtain in the bedroom.

Dinosaur Curtain

8.  Butterfly Window Curtain Panel. This sheer curtain with butterfly prints will make your kid's bedroom like a wonderland for fairies!

Butterfly Window Curtain Panel

9. Cartoon Trees Curtains. Speaking of wonderland, this could also be a good one too to achieve that theme. Add some mushroom printed throw pillows or ottomans to complete the look.

Cartoon Trees Curtains

10. Arrow Printed Blackout Curtain. I could imagine a Scandinavian bedroom with a curtain like this! Complete the look with a teepee!

These are all nice, right? But if you did not find what you are looking for, feel free to check more designs. And pin this for later:

Kids Curtain Ideas

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  1. These are really great ideas for curtains. I don't have a little kids anymore, but I remember how much I struggled with finding the right decor for their room. I bet a lot of people will be helped by these suggestions.