Special Tips to Remove Blocked Drains

One of the most worrying factors for the homeowners is the problem of the blocked drains. The problem can be easily diagnosed, especially when the water is not draining fast enough. In some instances, the bathing area is flooded, as the outlet is clogged. 

If the water stays for a longer time, it results in unpleasant odor, smell and, also, causes diseases. You should check the issue as quickly as possible to take necessary steps before the problem snowballs into a full-blown emergency. Here are some of the tips that can be quite handy in solving the problem of the blocked drains.

Bent wire hangers

To start with, take a wire coat hanger and straighten it as long as you can. In order to create a hook, bend one end as it is helpful to remove the dirt and debris that clog the drains. The wire-turned hook is mighty effective to eliminate the hair or the dirt that leads to the accumulation of the muck. The only strategy that should be kept in mind is that you need to be pulling at the gunk and not pushing it further

Combine Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar play a very important role in removing the dust particles and unclogging the drains. All you have to do is to mix the two ingredients in equal proportions (1/3 cup each) to get a deep fizz and then, pour the mixture down the drain. The mixture is capable of removing the dirt and grime that collect in the pipe. After draining the fizz into the pipe, wait for an hour or leave overnight. Follow by flushing with hot water. As an alternative, you can pour baking soda down the drain and then, pour vinegar for unblocking the drains.


Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are quite popular amongst the users to unclog the drains. You should set them to vacuum liquids and follow by covering with vents to avoid a mess. The drain should be sealed strongly with the appliance to prevent the water from popping out of the drain. Set the speed of the vacuum cleaner at the highest level to suck out the dirt from the pipe. It is not a very effective method, however, one of the cleanest methods when compared to the chemical treatment process.

Boiling water

The use of boiling water is another remedy for unclogging the drains. After heating the water for some time, you can pour down the drain in different stages to gradually remove the solid dirt.

Caustic soda

The first step when using caustic soda is to use rubber gloves and eye protection because the chemical causes skin burns, and it is important to exercise caution. To start with, add a small amount of water and caustic soda in a bucket and stir the mixture with a wooden spoon. After the fizz is generated, heat the mix and pour it into the clogged drain. You can wait for 30 minutes before draining the pipe with the hot water. It is bound to remove every iota of dirt and keep the area spotlessly clean.

Clearing the pipe

Clearing the pipe is the next step to accomplish the task, however, it should be carried out with meticulous care. Place the bucket below the sink to collect the water that may spill out, Then, use a plumber’s wrench for loosening the slip nuts at the ends of the pipe. Thereafter, remove the pipe and turn upside down for the contents to get emptied into the bucket. Also, remove the debris from the pipes. As a precautionary measure, always use a rubbish bin instead of pouring down the sink to dispose of the solid waste.

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