Top 10 Floral Nursery Trends for 2018

With spring season comes floral designs. And that’s not only in the fashion world. Home décor and design will also be dominated with everything flowery. But for this post, let’s just talk about floral nursery trends that will likely dominate this year.

Here are 10 chic floral nursery design inspirations that you can recreate in your little one’s special place.

1. Oversized floral

Great for nurseries with large floor areas, oversized floral prints and décor brings the garden right inside your nursery. Massive blooms look playful yet pleasing to the eye at the same time it heightens the imagination of young kids. There is a wide range of oversized floral print designs for your wallpaper, curtain, crib bedding, quilt, and so much more. And since the nursery has a temporary lifespan, it provides the right place for such a bold statement. Take note, however, that not every space is compatible with this design style.

Floral Nursery designs

2. Flowers and nature

A perennial design trend for nurseries, flowery outdoor patterns will still be a huge favorite this year. Any nature-inspired design and décor around the green palette will be a good pick for gender-neutral nurseries. A mix of floral and tropical themes would still dominate but we predict Saharan or South African designs, inspired by the hugely successful Marvel’s movie the Black Panther, would get attention too.

3. Paper Flowers

Whimsical, sweet and fanciful paper flowers will continue to be a trend this year. Available in wide range colors, styles and shapes, paper flowers can be used as accents. For smaller spaces where oversized floral prints are compatible, you may consider hanging paper flowers on walls and ceiling as an accent to plain colored walls. Be creative, place flowers randomly around the nursery or style them symmetrically on the wall.

paper flowers nursery

4. Pink Floral

Floral prints and designs along the spectrum of pink will be a common motif for nurseries this 2018. The softer shades such as blush pink will be the top pick, especially for a baby girl’s nursery. Pink wallpaper, quilt, crib bedding and wall décor are great buys!

5. Lavender

In the creative world, the color ultra violet has been announced by Pantone as the 2018 Color of Year. The blue-based purple shade will likely dictate home design and décor. And in nurseries, this color translates to lavender. Empowering and ultra modern, floral prints with shades of lavender are expected to pop up this year. Lavender (the flower) prints might also be a trend. It looks fresh and classic. Just thinking about purplish cribs and wall décor will make you giddily excited.

Purple Nursery

6. Nature-inspired wall decors

Enhance your nursery design by using greenery as accents or details. Branches, flowers, and leaves can add texture and color to your baby’s room. Be creative and find unique ways to incorporate these greeneries into the room. It is safe to bring in synthetic greeneries such as cloth or plastic leaves or flowers instead of living ones. This will continue to be dominant design throughout the year.

7. Temporary floral wall art

For some years now, temporary wall art has become an on-trend in the design world. Not only does it give you the flexibility to change as the trends evolve, it is also easy on the pocket. Temporary wallpaper and removable wall decals with floral prints are a great pick. You can also place flowery wall hangers or picture frames. These artsy items don’t require messy glue or wall drilling. What makes them easy to love is the fact that you can reinvent and even reuse them.

Floral Nursery

8. Neat and simple

A pervading trend in nursery designs is keeping the room simple. Floral decors that are not too obstructive or too ‘cluttery’ will dominate. Parents definitely understand the importance of maintaining a clutter-free nursery to make their lives easier. Perhaps, you know just how chaotic living with a baby is. And this becomes even more chaotic as your child grows. A few good-quality, unique flower accessories for the walls and window will be enough. Use of flowery décors that can double as storage is a smart way to go.

9. Hand-lettered wall signs with floral design

A familiar trend in home design, hand-lettered signs have found its way to the nursery as well! You can prop up your baby’s name written on a floral-inspired wall hang. There are also flowery wall signs that bear prayers for your little tot’s guardian angel. You can even choose a favorite saying or psalm. This will surely give your baby’s room a unique décor!

Floral Nursery Trends

10. Floral baby stuff

For this year, we predict floral baby stuff such as toys, quilts, pillowcases, lamps, picture frames, curtains and so much more to reign supreme. This will pop up along with favorite picks that include baby animals and miniature stuff. They will look perfect addition to your nursery design and will bring life to it.

There you have the top 10 floral nursery trends that will likely hit this year. Hope these trends list will help you choose the best and most comfortable design style for your baby’s nursery. If you need some flowers and you hail from Sydney, then you can’t go wrong with Flowers Across Sydney.

Which design style appeals to you most? We’re excited to see these trends come to life in your nursery!

Top 10 Floral Nursery Trends for 2018

Image Credit: KMSalter Design | Caden Lane | Turbo Beds | Leslie Goodwin Photography | Darren Gygi Home Collection


  1. I really adore the new baby nursery trends. So much more modern and unpredictable. Bright and energetic. Babies will be stimulated and happy :)

  2. Number 1 and 3 are my faves! I could see this working for and older version for my 4 year old too.