Ways to Spend Quality Time with Kids

Parents have one of the hardest tasks out there. They are preparing the next generation to take charge of the world and be our future. But they don’t have all of their time to devote to that, leaving many children without the parental attention they need for proper upbringing.

But even if you have very limited time to spend at home with your children, you can make sure that time is spent in a quality way, strengthening the bond between the parent and the child. So, when you catch yourself with some time on your hands and your kid around, try some of these things.

Ways to Spend Quality Time with Kids

Share family history

Kids are often fascinated by the fact that they come from a long line of different people and places. Dust off the old family photo albums and start telling your kids about the people that were there before them. Try to make it fun: find interesting or funny stories about different people and try to tie it all into something that is familiar to the kid, like someone who used to live in the same house you live in now.

You can also tell a story of someone who took you camping to the same place you now take them. Kids have a hard time imagining that their parents were also kids a while back, so find old pictures and tell them what you liked to do when you were their age. Ask them about their dreams and the future and what stories they want someone to tell about them when they look at old pictures.

Spend time outdoors

If the weather is nice, then it is prime time to bring some sunshine into your daily activities. This can be as simple as going out for a walk with your kid or bringing a ball and playing catch. This can be fun for the whole family, and if you have four or more members, you can organize some fun competitive games to play against each other.

Spending time outdoors is crucial for the healthy development of kids, not only because it keeps them fit, but because they get the much-needed fresh air and sunlight. If you aren’t feeling particularly active, you can simply go to a park and lay on the grass, watching the clouds.

Quality Time with Kids

Take advantage of technology

Technology is the future, and while limiting the time your child spends on the computer is your right and responsibility, you shouldn’t deny them access to it altogether. Instead, when they want to play video games, try playing together with them and choosing software like turtle games to make the time not only fun but also educational.

If your child is spending a lot of what is supposed to be your quality time looking at their phone, think about where they got that habit. Make an effort for both of you to put your phones away. Alternatively, share the screen by playing games together, watching videos or taking fun selfies. As long as you are not getting into an argument over screen time and attention, you should be happy with the time spent.

Do chores together

Chores are something nobody really likes doing, but if you make them a group activity instead of an isolating experience, you can make it fun and have it go a lot faster. Instead of delegating that everyone does one chore, try to bring everyone together to do the same chore. One person can do the dishes, another will dry them and the third one will put them away. Or have one person dust, another clean the floor and the third tidy up, moving from room to room as a team.

This will not only create good habits since chores won’t be something that is considered boring or hard work. Besides getting the house clean and tidy, it will help teach teamwork and sharing the load of housework, which kids should learn at a very young age. If they put up a fuss, simply tell them that you all live in this house together and that unless everyone cleans, you will all be living in a messy house, and they wouldn’t want that.

Quality Time with Kids

Each moment you spend with your child is precious because before you know it, they will be all grown up and off to live a life of their own. This is why it’s important to instill in them your values, habits, and ways of thinking to prepare them for the life they will have when they leave the nest. Present everything you do with them as a game or fun activity, because we learn a lot more when we are having fun!

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  1. What a great post, I've been thinking a lot about this lately. We get so consumed with our every day lives there's not much quality time we spend with the kids... Can't wait to spend time outdoors!