5 Tips for Buying an Embroidery Pen

Embroidery is a technique used to brand apparel. It involves the use of thread to create patches and embroidery designs onto fabrics or accessories. Technology advancement has seen the rise of robotic embroidery machines used to accurately create designs on clothes at fast speeds. It is done on towels, bags, suit coats, dress shirts, etc.

Businesses and companies use embroidery to create designs on robes, aprons, casual wear, and suits. Embroidery lasts longer, can be washed, is available in all sorts of colors and gives a professional image. Therefore, it’s important to invest in the right tools to get the best outcomes. Here’s what to consider when shopping for an embroidery pen:

Buying an Embroidery Pen

5 Factors to Consider When Buying an Embroidery Pen

1. Sizes

Embroidery pens are available in all sorts of sizes. Choose sizes suitable for your intended use and the kind of designs you want to create on fabrics. Small, medium and large sizes can work on loop, back and stain stitches, including delicate artwork. Whichever sizes (buy multiple sizes) you choose, you can transform your fabrics with writings, patterns, and flower patches, among others.

2. Embroidery Kit

Buy embroidery pens in kits or in singles. Kits can come with embroidered patterns, threaders, dedicated needles, adjustable punch needles, a magic embroidery pen and needles of different sizes. The benefit of buying in kits is that you get all the embroidery tools you need at reduced costs.

3. Versatility and Color

Look for a versatile embroidery pen designed for wide application. Make sure it’s unique, easy to use and beautiful. You should be able to work on insoles, curtain, tablecloth, pillowcases, towels, purses and other household items. Embroidery pens also come in all sorts of colors to suit the unique tastes, styles, and preferences out there. Choose a color you find appealing.

Buying an Embroidery Pen

4. Efficient Designs

Find an embroidery pen designed for efficiency. If you embroider as a hobby, it can help you relieve stress resulting from work or life in general. An efficient embroidery pen won’t just relieve stress, but also produce a beautiful artwork piece.

5. Material

Buy an embroidery pen made from a durable material for prolonged use. The right material also reduces friction between your fingers and the pen, meaning you can work for longer. A strong, sturdy material also ensures you get value for your money. Opt for one that’s resistant to breakage if dropped. A good material to consider is ABS plastic.

Even as you pick the right embroidery pen, it’s important to buy from the right brand. Find pens manufactured by a popular brand that has been in the industry for at least three years. It ensures you only buy the best embroidery tools for your handwork.

Although advanced machines are used to replicate designs onto fabrics, hand embroidery is still popular. It produces unique, custom designs. What’s important is having the right tools for the job.

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5 Tips for Buying an Embroidery Pen

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