Homeowners Guide to Roofing Shingles

Your house roof contributes considerably to the overall design or your residence, therefore, if you are building a new house, or adding on, or getting the new roof done, it can be worthy to think about the choices available.

Right now, the choices within the marketplace are more than ever before, therefore, selecting one has become a difficult job. This is because every time you know what you need, you look at one of the opposite options and start to change your mind. 

The alternatives vary from asphalt shingles to wood shakes and clay tiles, from steel panels to rubber lookalike slate. However, the most vital trend to notice is that as with home-construction materials generally, there is an increasing move towards designed roofing materials.

Factors Involved in Choosing Roofing Materials

Several factors drive this transformation. One is just the high prices of wood and wooden material. The second one is that in a majority of cases, now codes order the employment of fireproof construction materials. 

Third, individuals clearly wish to build with materials that not solely look sensible but are extremely durable. Advanced roofing materials provide an extraordinary range of substitutes, as well as new appearances for current materials. Roof installation Southgate Michigan suggests the best roofing materials for your home which we will state below.

Types of Roofing Materials

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are also called Composite shingles. These are one of the most popular type of roofing material available in the markets. These shingles have three-tabs and are made of fiberglass mat, which is topped with a layer of asphalt and mineral granules. 

These are a good choice for your home roofing needs as they have 20 to 30-year warranties. Almost every roofing company knows how to install these shingles. They are also easy to repair and replace as you can remove one damaged shingle and replace it with a new one if there is any damage done. These shingles are good at bending and adjusting to the movements of a roof which occur due to expansion and contraction of the roof.

Solar Tiles

Advanced solar collectors fit in flawlessly into already installed shingles, producing up to 1 kilowatt of energy per 100 square feet. They are mainly good for roofs where the typical solar panels are forbidden. These solar tiles are useful in decreasing the energy costs but are costlier than the other solar power generating options.

Wooden Shingles

The elegant look and the warmth of Wood, with its rich aroma, at your roof is an amazing view. Most of the people chose to go with the wooden roof because it looks aesthetically elegant. Mostly cedar and redwood generally, and southern pine is occasionally used in this type of shingles. 

The lifespan of wooden shingles is shorter than other roofing products which go from 8 to 25 years depending on the maintenance and the care provided by the homeowner. Wooden shingles are costlier than other options, but many people go for it because of the look it provides to their homes.

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