Why You Should Pick Natural and Organic When It Comes to Baby Skincare

As a general rule of thumb, everything that is natural and organic is better than products that contain synthetic chemicals, fragrances, and additives. When it comes to babies, this is even more important, since their skin is more susceptible to irritation and dehydration. Furthermore, the growing issue of eczema and other skin problems in infants has made this topic even more important to explore.

When we consider some of the major loopholes in laws that allow thousands of synthetic chemicals in skincare products, and the not-so-trustworthy in-house investigations of commercial companies, we must ask ourselves how safe the products we are submitting are youngest ones to really are. Choosing natural over synthetic is a matter of safety, and here’s why.

Why Choose Natural and Organic Skincare Baby Products

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Babies’ skin is more sensitive

This is something all of us already know, but it is not just that babies have softer and gentler skin. Their skin is completely new and it is not completely developed yet. Because it has a lot of growing to do, it hasn’t developed any kind of resistance to harmful outside factors, and it is prone to infections, bacteria, and reactions to chemical products. Organic skincare products do not contain chemicals or synthetic ingredients, which is why they are less likely to put your baby at risk of developing infections and other negative reactions.

Babies’ skin is also more susceptible to getting dry. While babies do get hydration from breast milk (if you are breastfeeding), this isn’t enough. There is a need for boosting the hydration with quality, natural products that can prevent irritation and sore, cracked skin.

Organic products are specially formulated for extra skin nourishment, and they contain soothing, mild ingredients like chamomile and honey and natural oils like macadamia oil and avocado oil. All of these together provide unparalleled nurture for babies’ sensitive skin.

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Skincare products are absorbed into the organism

It is essential to remember that the skin too, is an organ - the biggest organ of the body. That’s why we shouldn’t disregard the fact that skincare products are absorbed by the baby’s body to a certain degree. This way, they can reach inner organs. If they contain fragrances and dangerous chemicals, this means the baby’s organism will be exposed to them.

On the other hand, natural organic baby products nourish the baby’s skin without exposing it to any harm. When the baby’s skin absorbs flaxseed oil, Aloe vera, and beeswax, there is no way these ingredients could in any way put your little one in danger.

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Synthetic ingredients can be dangerous

We’ve already mentioned the harmful effect of synthetic ingredients, but it is important to know just how dangerous they can be. In fact, many of them act as “endocrine disruptors”. This means that these ingredients interact with hormones within the body and can disrupt the body’s natural functions. The consequences of this are health issues including cardiovascular problems, obesity, memory difficulties and diabetes. Babies and children are especially sensitive to these disruptors.

Ingredients that should be avoided and why

It is not enough even if a product has the label “natural” or “organic”. You should still read the label and see whether it contains some of the following ingredients:

● Parabens – preservatives used in skincare products, which are banned across the European Union because of their link with breast cancer and other diseases.
● Phthalates – this substance is easily absorbed by the skin and accumulated in one’s organism. They are associated with kidney problems, birth defects and infertility.
● Fragrance – synthetic fragrance can cause skin irritation and allergies.
● Petrochemicals – these chemicals have cancer-causing properties and can clog pores.
●Dimethicone – pigment that can cause irritation and discomfort.

Natural and Organic Baby Skincare

How to choose the best products for your baby?

Now you know what to avoid, but what should you look for? Besides the label that says organic or natural, you need to see whether the ingredients are grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This is something you can find out on the very label, or by researching the company that produces the product. Furthermore, you can research the type of the organic certification the product has and how strict the process of getting that certification is.

The priority of all parents across the globe is their baby’s health, and skincare shouldn’t be neglected either. Therefore, it is always best to turn to the greatest parent there is – Mother Nature.

Why You Should Pick Natural and Organic When It Comes to Baby Skincare

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