Teacher Appreciation Donuts Tags FREE Printables

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and this is the perfect time to show our teachers how grateful we are for all the things that they have for us.

Can you imagine a world without teachers? Oh, that would be totally terrible! Who would teach our kids to learn math? Who will help them to achieve their dreams for their chosen career path? Will there be doctors? Or engineers? Or astronauts?

I think not! That is why teachers are very important. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today and it would have a huge impact on our children's future.

Ever since I was a kid, I make it a point that I show my teachers how important they are to me. Not that I am trying to be the teacher's pet but I see to it that I value their efforts in helping me learn new things. Back then, I knew that I will benefit from the things that they teach me from the academic subjects to the life lessons that they instill in us.

In our country, part of the custom during Teacher's Day is giving flowers and cards to the teachers that they love. During this day, flower vendors are everywhere! They sell affordable roses and flowers of different types so that kids can buy them for their teachers. Isn't this a nice way to show our mentors that they are valued?

Apart from flowers, we can also give them gifts and little something that will make them happy. When my daughter Bella started going to school, I make gifts for her teachers. One time we baked cookies and gave it to her teachers inside bottles that I decorated.

But if you do not have much time to make something, buy a gift or even some yummy treats. Back when Bella was in Kindergarten, I bought Premium Dunkin Donuts for her teachers. This is nice because each of them comes in a separate box.

Of course,  I did not give it to them that way. I designed some teacher appreciation gift tags that will be perfect for the donuts. I always wanted to make one like this and I had been waiting for the right moment to give one to Bella's teachers.

Since we gave them donuts, I made tags with the words "Donut you know how much I appreciate you" and "Donut know what we would do without you." I made two versions. One has the "Happy Teacher's Day" greeting while the other doesn't have it. I did it that way because we don't give gifts only on teacher's day. Hence, we have the option to use the other one without the greeting.

The words "appreciate you" and "without you" are in gold because why not? It's like saying that teachers are as precious as gold!

I used baker's twine to hold the teacher appreciation tags on place. I tied it around the box- the same way as how you tie a bow around a gift- and I made a knot on top before slipping the tags into it through a small hole that I made with a puncher.

To be honest, I love how it turned out! It looked cute that way and if I were a teacher, I would love to receive something like this. LOL. Well, I used to be a teacher too! If I decide to go back to teaching, my students might find this free printable teacher appreciation tags and will use it for a box of donuts for me. Hahaha!

So if you want to give some donuts to your teachers, make sure that you will give it to them with these cute tags. Don't worry, you can get this printable for free!

You can save this image or you can get the pdf version below.

Download the free printable teacher appreciation tags pdf here:

free printable teacher appreciation tags pdf download

I hope you love this free printable for teacher's day. I still have more printables for you guys! I will be sharing them with you next time. Do you have any printable in mind that you want me to make? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. omg these looks so awesome, my friend that is a teacher would of loved these if her students made them for her.

  2. How thoughtful is this! Teachers will love and appreciate this so much, it's adorable!
    xo, Sondra

  3. As a teacher myself, I love this! I'm from the US, so I always remember bringing gifts in for my teachers several times a year (Christmas too). Now I live in Spain and work as a teacher. Teacher gifts just don't seem to be as big of a thing here, sadly.

  4. This is amazing! My daughter and I would love to use these printables to give it to her teacher...I love it! :)

  5. This is such an adorable idea! I know I would love to receive it!

  6. I almost wish I was a teacher so I could use these!

  7. aw these are so cute! what a thoughtful idea :)


  8. These printable tags are adorable. the perfect gift to show our appreciation to the teachers

  9. These are the cutest printables! And who doesn't love donuts?! xo, Suzanne

  10. These tags are so adorable! Thank you for the free printable. So important to recognize how amazing teachers are.

  11. That is a very creative gift idea! Who wouldn't want anything to do with donuts?!

  12. That's such a cute teacher appreciation gift. I know I would have loved it. Honestly I would have loved anything not chocolate. It's nice to get something different.

  13. Indeed thoe boxes are pretty cute. And love the sweets inside.

  14. This is a cute teacher appreciation gift! After all the kids are the reason they need coffee in the first place lol!

  15. Oh I love these, they are so cute and such a lovely and affordable gift idea.