5 Things You Didn't Know About Socks

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One thing that is part of our wardrobe is socks. We need it to protect our feet while wearing shoes. Although other people do not use it or only put it on sometimes, wearing socks actually has a lot of benefits. Yes, it is not just part of one's fashion. Socks are here for a purpose!

If you have kids who hate wearing socks, you can tell them the advantages of using one. This will make them realize the value of socks. We have to make them understand that socks are not just colorful or printed feet covering that will look cool with their shoes and clothes. Although we can really express our style using it! We can definitely "Say It With A Sock" to show others who we are and what we like.

So today, we are going to show you some five things that you didn't know about socks! This will be interesting not just for your kids and even for moms too. We will talk about why we wear it and some fun facts about socks.

Things You Didn't Know About Socks

1. Socks prevent your feet to stink.

No one wants to have stinky feet! Ewwwww! Notice that if you wear shoes without socks, your feet will sweat. Since it will go directly to the shoes, it will create a foul smell that you will not like.

sock fun fact

2. Socks can prevent cracking.

When you put on your pair of socks during sleep, it will keep your feet soft. Socks lock in moisture which helps to prevent cracking. Additional tip: Lather a thick foot cream or petroleum jelly on your feet before putting on socks at night. This can help your feet's dryness to lessen.

fun facts about sock

3. It keeps your feet warm.

I am certain that you have tried wearing socks during winter and even during cold evenings. How did it make you feel? Socks will help maintain heat temperature on your feet. It serves as a layer of insulation to keep your feet warm. People who get hypothermia and frostbite wear socks to protect them from the cold.

fact about socks

4. Lost socks are common!

Don't worry. You are not the only one. So many people claim that they lost their socks in the dryer. Or sometimes it just gets misplaced somewhere. But where do all the socks go anyway?

Turns out, the tumble dryer or the washing machine is just hungry. A few months back, Sarah Rose tweeted a photo of a dryer with the bottom removed. Guess what was in there? SOCKS! Cathy Hinz, who owns the washer dryer, shared to that her husband unscrewed their machine since it wasn't working properly.

To their surprise, they found so many socks, underwear, a credit card and even some coins worth $7 in total. Many Twitter users shared the post since it proves that machines really gobble up socks. Well, a sock-eating-machine isn't an urban myth after all!

 Things You Didn't Know About Socks

5. There's a lot you can do with old socks.

For sure, you have experienced gathering old socks of different colors and sizes. These are no longer used it's either because their garters won't work well anymore or it doesn't have a pair.

What do you usually do when you get a hamper full of old? Don't just throw them away because there are many things that you can do with it! It could be something that you can use as a home decor or even toys for your little ones.

say it with a sock

This hosiery is indeed a must-have! Apart from all the benefits that socks can give us, it is also a nice way to express your style. Using a sock could add an interesting feature in between the hem of your skirt or pants and your shoes.

Without a doubt, it is a nice way to show some flair. Even if you are wearing simple clothes, people can still look your way because of your beautifully printed socks! Also take note that when you sit, your socks will be exposed. This is another opportunity to show off your favorite feet covering.

Of course, it would be nice to get different colors and prints for your socks. It would be easy to get new ones if you avail of the women's sock subscription. And yes, this is also a good way to pamper yourself, mommy! You deserve a pretty new sock every month because of all your hard work in looking for your husband's lost sock. Lol! You can stop searching. They're all in the dryer! Lol!

Image Credit: First three pictures from Say It With A Sock Facebook page, Last image and vectors from Freepik.

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21 (mga) komento

  1. True! I totally agree with the lost socks. I am actually wondering how the socks here at home are getting lost one by one. Some even doesn't have a pair. With this digital age, socks also have different design and different kinds now.

  2. I really didn't know anything about socks. Cool post <3

    Xoxo, Meowgical Girl!

  3. I'm not sure if there is a sock strong enough to combat the teenage feet smell. lol

    Seems we always knew the dryer was eating socks, and now we know it. I just asked Shawn to see if he can open up the dryer to check if we also have a bunch locked in there.

  4. I don't really wear socks and I have sadly passed this on to my daughter. But I loved your post!

  5. oh my goodness LOL! I need to go searching for all of my missing socks now!

  6. Oh man, I lose socks all the time! I hate it! I've tried to limit the amount of socks I own so that I am not so careless with them. We got ourselves a few pairs of "Darn Toughs" and they are amazing. I hand wash them now because I don't want to lose them.

  7. I love socks! I have a weird sock thing. When I am stressed out, I usually make a Target run and buy a few new pairs with fun designs on them. They make me feel so much better!

  8. What an interesting read! Thanks for the tips on point #2. I would love to put foot cream or petroleum jelly on my feet before putting on socks at night to prevent cracking!

  9. I did not know this about socks!! Great post and so informative, I had no idea socks had such positive uses! I don't even own a pair!!

  10. This is such a fun and informative post. I knew about socks preventing feet from stinking, I have 2 sons and a husband :) As for the lost socks, I've lost track. Lovely post x

  11. Such a nice post! I am an avid crocheter and I am making socks for this years Xmas gifts!

  12. this post made me smile. thank you for sharing the fun facts and suggestions about socks

  13. I am convinced that my feet have 275,000 sweat glands. They work overtime. Also, when socks go missing in our household there is one particular dog that is guilty of theft 80% of the time. She loves socks. Especially ones that have been touched by a pair of feet with more than their fair share of sweat glands. Socks are super important. Believe me. I know.

  14. Ok I knew there was a reason for all those missing socks! Seriously never seen that pic before and though not surprised I'm horrified because I just got a new washer/dryer and might have sent the old ones off with a few $ and lots socks!

  15. What a cute post! I love socks. (Sometimes I even wear them to bed! Weirdo right? lol)

  16. I love socks. I have this wonderful pair that i wear during the winter that are sooo warm and cozy!

  17. I love to put lotion on my feet and sleep with socks on... my feet are so smooth the next day. Also, I'm going to have to take the bottom off my dryer now and see if there are some long lost socks there,

  18. I still don't know what happens to the socks in sock heaven. I really have a hard time keeping my socks good and organized. I need to but a few pair and then just do better to organize my clothes. I just don't.

  19. I always wear socks even inside my home, because home slippers are always played with our pet. Yeah it prevents from heel cracks and make your feet smooth. I love colored socks.

  20. Socks definitely can prevent cracking. I have a friend who moisturizes her feet with lotion before going to bed and then covers them with socks to keep her feet nice and soft.

  21. Socks, bobby pins and ponytail holders...the 3 things that disappear in my house!

    This was the cutest post ever!


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