How to Avoid Drunk Driving to Keep the Family Safe

Do you know that 14% of all road deaths in Britain occur due to drunk driving and that almost 240 to 340 people were killed in such incidents in 2015? Impaired driving may result in life-threatening injuries as alcohol consumption is known to slow down the brain, affecting concentration, balance, and coordination including the ability to think rational especially during driving.

Research says, most of the accidents are caused due to reckless driving, especially under the influence of alcohol. Abstain from drunk driving and use the following tips to keep yourself and others away safe on the road.

Avoid Driving When Drunk

It’s best to avoid driving when you've consumed alcohol because it affects the cognitive system, especially the ability to make proper judgments and decisions. You might be tempted to drink more at one of the top buffet meals in the city but a ride back home in your car could be unsafe with all that liquor in your system.

Statistics suggest that alcohol reduces night vision by 25%, so it’s not wise to drive in the night after a hearty meal and too much alcohol. Have a driver take you to your destination, otherwise, you may find yourself charged with a drunk driving offense. If you ever do experience such a situation, make sure you consult the top injury lawyer from the best legal company like Khan Law Firm.

Stay Within The BAC Limit

The state regulations define the Blood Alcohol Concentration limit or BAC that is considered safe for driving and is also allowed by the authorities. Make sure you consume alcohol within this defined range to avoid a mishap. The high alcohol concentration in the blood can impair vision, affect balance & coordination, your ability to judge road conditions and make prompt decisions. Have a lawyer guide you regarding the BAC limits and the associated penalties in your state.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

The best way to minimize the occurrence of drunk driving accidents is to reduce the intake of alcohol. It can be easily done with a bit of perseverance and determination. Most wine vendors include an ABV (alcohol by volume) on every bottle, so make sure you buy alcohol within the recommended range that is 10-15% ABV.

ABV represents the part of drink that is pure alcohol and the percentage reflects the amount of alcohol in the beverage, so always settle for a low ABV. I also advise you to go for alcohol-free days in a week, say 2 or 3 days when you do not drink at all. A proclivity toward less drinking will provide you with good health and the ability to drive safely.

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