Bring Out the Food Snob in You with These Glorious Kitchen Accessories

Supermarket shelves are absolutely packed with highly-processed foods that are loaded with salt to make them palatable, as well as preservatives to make them last longer in warehouses. All of the unhealthy choices found at a standard grocery outlet leave many with few options but to cook for themselves and their family.

It can be difficult to consistently produce high-quality meals for your family without the right tools, but thankfully, many products are available today to help.

Here are some gadgets and devices that no kitchen should be without if you want to truly bring out the food snob in you.

The Garlic Press

There are a lot of ways to prepare garlic, and each person thinks their way is the correct way. The only right way to introduce garlic into your dishes, however, is the way that works best for you. If your knife skills aren’t that sharp – or a disability that prevents you from getting the perfect mince – a garlic press can completely change your game.

The garlic press has a bad reputation among some professionals due to the proliferation of bad devices in the past. Modern presses eliminate a lot of the problems from the past, especially when cleaning up. For the best garlic press, choose a modern design that doesn’t suffer from the standard problems present in earlier models.

Ditch Your Old Drip Coffee Maker

Did you know that your Mr.Coffee machine is brewing your coffee all wrong? Drip machines rely on a cheap and easily mass-produced design meant to create a drink that just meets the most basic definition of “coffee”. If you’re tired of adding tons of unhealthy sugar and creamers to just make your morning brew tolerable, then you have to get rid of that old drip machine for something better.

For a better tasting brew that doesn’t need any additives to make it drinkable, you have to get an immersion brewer. Two of the most popular varieties of immersion devices are the French press and the more modern, but not necessarily better, Aeropress. A coffee press improves your brew by allowing your grounds to steep for the correct time and at the right temp: something a drip system just doesn’t allow.

Get a Kitchen Scale for Maximum Accuracy

A lot of health-conscious recipes will revolve around careful measurements that are most likely going to require more precise measuring tools than spoons and cups. If you really want to take your cooking to the next level, a good kitchen scale is an absolute must-have item. The difference between good biscuits and excellent biscuits can be measured in fractions of a gram, which will be impossible when eyeballing your ingredients.

Save Some Cash, Make Your Own Salad Mix

Bagged salad mixes can be a great start to a relatively healthy meal, but they’re going to cost you. If salads are a staple in your household, then you can conserve money by making your own salad mix at home.

However, one of the biggest issues when preparing greens at home can be the drying process. A salad spinner can eliminate most of the work that goes into drying your leafy greens before consumption by flinging water away using centrifugal force. After a quick spin in the bowl, you’re left with veggies that are dry enough to serve right away.

Impress your family and friends with restaurant-quality dishes made possible with a few simple kitchen tools. You can amplify your cuisine and make life easier with some mechanical assistance, especially for those that have a lot of mouths to feed. Not only do these kitchen accessories deliver in terms of quantity: they also deliver in quality.

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  1. The garlic press and kitchen scale are excellent ideas. I usually have to finely chop the garlic and mince but this modern garlic press makes it look like a cinch. The kitchen scale would be perfect for my daughter who loves to bake. Every thing has to be exact.