Plan a Perfect Layout of the Led Downlights for Better Results

Do you want to lighten up your home? You can do that by adding different kinds of lightings. Aside from your main source of light, accent lights will add some magic to your home's appeal during the night. You can add even some Led downlights to your home!

The led downlights usually come as a set that comprises three components. All these components have remarkably high quality, durability, and functionality. It consists of an adjustable head and can be installed very easily.

The features and style of these lights make it ideal for a variety of applications. Each set of these downlights comes with power consumption, a luminous flux and a beam angle which is of usually 120 degrees. These downlights can be attached to the ceilings and walls in your kitchen and living room and even in the hallways of your house.

Very Modern and Stylish

Apart from the lumen and cost-effectiveness the reason you should switch over to the use of led downlights is its stylish appeal. It is a perfect element to suit the interior design of any modern home and add to the meaning, beauty, and functionality of the space and at the same time keep the monthly utility bills to the minimum.

Layout of the Led Downlights

It can be used for much longer hours as compared to any filament or vacuum lights and as it takes up a lesser amount of energy you should not be concerned with monthly bills. LED does not heat up easily and can be allowed to remain on for long periods without the risk of overheating. The sleek yet low profile look will not create any clutter or take up much space like the other lighting options.

Planning the Layout

To make the best use of the led downlights you must have a proper layout and plan to install these in your space, whether it is your office, shop or home. You can use one or multiple downlights depending on your space and lighting requirements. You can position it anywhere and anyway you would want them to, in order to shed maximum light at the desired spot within the room.

To decide how many downlights, you need you can follow the rule of thumb which says that a single downlight will illuminate an area of 1.2 square meters sufficiently. As per the dimension of your room, you can now calculate the number of downlights you need for your space more precisely. You should also consider the furniture and decor of the room as these will absorb some amount of light.

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Factors to Consider

There are a few factors to be considered and kept in mind while planning the layout of the led downlights:

• The focal points are the primary concern as you will need more light in specific areas of the room. Deal with these areas with priority. For example, if you intend to install these lighting systems in your bathroom you should start with areas like above the wash basin that will need more light. Arrange the other downlights accordingly around it.

• The ceiling edges are also very important to position the led downlights as if these are too close to one another then it will create unwanted shadows in the ceiling. This will make space look gloomy and smaller.

• Consider the ceiling height so that the light radiates perfectly to all sides and illuminates the area evenly. Ideally, the downlights will radiate lights in a shape of a cone to the floor and these cones of different light should intersect with one another way above the floor to provide even illumination.

• Utility of a room should be considered before downlights are put up. The level of brightness required for a room will be usually dictated by the function of the room and accordingly, the focal points should be determined.

Lastly, dimming the led downlights is necessary so that the light levels can be adjusted according to your needs as well as that of the room.

Plan a Perfect Layout of the Led Downlights for Better Results

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