The Bahamas: One of the Best Destinations to Travel with Your Kids

If you are not a sea lover that means you haven’t been to the Bahamas yet. The glittering beaches of the American sunshine state along the Cuban coastline, Bahamas is a treat for your soul.

If you want to do the vacationing in a relaxed luxurious way with sun-kissed mornings and breezy evenings, Bahamas is the place where you should head to.

So what are you waiting for?

Weren’t you planning a trip with your kids? See what you can do there and you will already fall in love with its beauty!

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How to reach

First thing first, the foreigners need a tourist visa. One can reach the Bahamas by flight to Lynden Pindling International Airport of Nassau. There will be many options to go to the main city.

Tourists and locals both use buses for traveling with minimum charges of USD 1.25 for major spots and USD 2 for the longer routes. If you want a more relaxed experience, you can go to a rental car or taxi cabs. The two most popular taxi operators are Meter Cab Taxi Service and Bahamas Taxi Cab Union.

Where to stay

The rental houses in the Bahamas vary from the expensive luxurious ones to the budget-friendly hostels. Both are pretty welcoming for the travelers. Since you are planning to travel with mommy dear, you would like some complimentary spa, pool, and Jacuzzi in your list.

The Bahamas have a plenty of luxurious hotels along the road. You can splurge on the facilities that these hotels will be offering you. The budget hotels are also quite awesome with basic amenities.

Places to go

The planning gives you the adrenaline rush of foreseeing the fun you are going to experience, no? Here are a few places where you must go if you are planning to go to the Bahamas.

Pink Sand Beach

If you walk a few miles away from the shimmering resorts and flashy casino complexes, you will learn what serenity is in form of the pink sand beach. The east coast of Harbour Island and towards a little north of Dunmore you can see the Pink Sand Beach wondering how beautiful a beach can be. Boutique hotels with palm-topped umbrellas are quite a well-known sight here. Glow in some rose-colored sand and you won’t regret!

Bahamas travel with kids

Blue Lagoon Island

It used to be the hideout for pirate buccaneers once upon a time. But it became a center for learning diving during the Second World War. Blue Lagoon Island is one of the most preferred destinations for the families who come to the Bahamas. The island is officially known as Salt Cay. Here you will experience a stretch of white sand and stony McCutcheon’s Tower on one side offering a breathtaking view of the Caribbean glamour! If your checklist has your dream of swimming with the dolphins, get prepared to tick it off.

Paradise Island Water Park

It’s like we never want to grow up, no matter what! If you guys want to go for splashy pools and water slides, Paradise Island Waterpark was just the place you would like to spend with your mom. Some activities are only adults friendly. So what? Now that you guys are here to enjoy more, head to the bars and grotto pools to enjoy.

Eleuthera island

Eleuthera is a paradise to behold. It is a must stay in the list because of its divine beauty and you will never want to miss a complete Eleuthera tour with your mommy darling. It is stretched out in a backward C and covers more than 100 miles from top to bottom. There are many hidden coves and many coastal crevices to explore. There are important spots in the island-like Surfers Beach, Whiteland and Rock Sound.

Arawak Cay

If you are a foodie and if you are looking for the most authentic culinary experiences, Arawak Cay is the perfect place for you. A small walk through the Western walkway of Nassau, Arawak Cay is set out in the sea. What’s big there? The cluster of earthy small barbecue joints offering the mouth-watering and legendary Bahamian Fish Fry. It is always advised to go on a Sunday to experience to the fullest.

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Are you planning to give your mother an underwater experience? If your mother is adventurous and is ready to try out new experiences, take her to Andros. Though there are plenty of places in the Bahamas where you can go snorkeling and scuba diving, Andros is still the best and the biggest one. Submerged shipwrecks to underwater blue holes, speckled scorpion fish, and blue tangs, from parrotfish and trumpet fish, you will see all of these making Andros a beautiful place to be!

Lucayan National Park

A 40-acre land of wild mangrove swamps and beaches, Lucayan National Park is situated in the southern coast of Grand Bahamas. The underwater cave systems are some large, probably one of the largest caves in this world. Tourists with interest in bird watching and interest in a unique ecosystem will love this place of natural beauties.

Port Lucaya Marketplace

What’s the best way to bond with your mother? Yes, you got it right! Shopping of course! Mother-daughter duo should never miss the shopping gem standing tall on the harbor’s edge of Freeport. It has the classic Caribbean colors like pink, turquoise, yellow and green. There are many boutique shops selling locals straw items. A shopping area is incomplete without food joints and pubs and no wonder why this place is full of such happening places.

travel to Bahas with kids

The island country is ideal for taking your mom out of her daily boring chores and it gives her an experience of what’s called tranquillity! Grab your pen and plan what you should do before you head for your mother-daughter duo trip!

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